Need for anonymity?

“embrace yourself, there’s no one else like you”- made it up because it seemed apt

This is very relieving considering some of the douchebags that I know, but that’s not the point. Anonymity, its rather empowering, I could be the president of the United States or maybe a 70 year old woman who likes admiring teenage boys,while posing as a 20 year old. I’m not, by the way, atleast not the latter, former well….

There are conditions where anonymity is maintained for the fun of it, or for the fear of rejection but rather because his/her activity is strictly forbidden and they are being secretive for their own safety, I’m not going to go in depth about the lack of freedom of expression in certain countries…at least not in this blog

I guess, people feel more free by discarding their labels and by the false sense of security they get by knowing that the crowd that will be affected by their actions will not be banging down their doors.

There are spineless creatures, aren’t there always? that misuse this sense of false freedom by writing atrocious comments and very ‘bravely’ posting it on the web, though their sniggers are usually wiped clean out of their face when its traced back to them and becomes sensational news. Nothing ever good comes out from being a gutless human being with guts to punch out a few demeaning words and then hides behind a screen.

For instance, I feel glad that I can be anonymous,  I really don’t want my friends,bless them, to read all this and give partial opinions. It’s a new venture and I want honest reviews.

So being anonymous helps, sometimes, to plan the next move and then to go from there. But being anonymous does not necessarily equate with hiding, save the douchebags mentioned earlier, it just means that the author is trying out baby steps(see what I did there?) and he doesn’t want the whole clan he knows to be there to help him when he falls and tell him “i told you so” or help him or just stare, he wants to get up on his own, dust his trousers, and either try to continue walking or maybe try snowboarding instead.

The point that we feel more liberated by throwing away our identities is entertaining. If you could become whoever you wanted, for however long you wanted what would you be?

That’s the whole point of anonymity. Keep your identity as a question mark, till you know what you want it to be, and don’t worry, no ones going to judge you..since there really isn’t a you till you decide there is, is there?


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