I learned to be an idiot

I was terrified to cross the road. And no, not because the roads in India are basically holes with a little tar around the edges, or that driving license is given to every other person who appears for the test, but because I feel that everyone seated inside the car ‘will stare’ at me as […]

This or that…or what else?

Choices, choices. This is probably the dream of most consumers but for those who struggle with them, join the club. I often celebrated surviving each year, or birthdays, gift-less. Don’t get me wrong, my parents, bless them always used to ask what I wanted-a tradition made compulsory after my father gifted me a golf kit […]

Myths, facts and god knows what

After harassing my mother, and my sister’s in laws, with whom I’m currently residing till my next semester starts, I procured a set of interesting but absolutely baseless theories often called superstitions. Many don’t believe in superstitions, but at the same don’t dare to prove it wrong as well. Why tempt fate? Here are a […]