So did you hear about the time when……


  • ‘Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true.’  

Everyone loves a good gossip, as long as some poor sap is the subject and not them. its disturbing to perceive the fact that our lives are viewed as soap operas, Ofcourse with slightly altered endings to make it more entertaining.

Imagine a world where no one could gossip, to carry out mundane conversations about the weather and having to ask each and every person about their life personally, Gah! That would be quite exhausting.

Gossiping is not restricted to a certain sex, as was earlier or stupidly thought. Men gossip as well, maybe just not about his latest fashion disaster, or maybe that as well. Aah who knows.

Stealing snippets from conversations heard, continuing the rest in over imaginative minds that have seen too little action and then transferring it to another idle mind for the entertainment. It sounds like those actions that computers perform. Copy—edit—paste

I gossip too, well what do you expect? Why else would I have a facebook account, if I was just interested in my own life? If gossiping would pay, Maan I would be friends with so many billionaires. But it doesn’t, so that just makes them seem well…to put it in a nice way, absolutely jobless.

Then there are others, the ‘unsocial’ soldiers that neither engage in this art nor bother to keep in tab about what is being said about them. We should envy them. They feel freedom in ways that we will never know.

So lets put an end to it shall we? The next time you hear about who’s dating who, or why your cousin sister doesn’t have a bun in the oven yet,or even if you hear someone bad mouthing you from another someone, lets smile at the underused minds of our loved ones who think that they are doing us a favour and ask them to write a book, or maybe start a blog. With extraordinary imagination of theirs, they could easily be the next big thing on the net. What do you think?


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