TIck Tock


This very line made me reminisce about my childhood and also swiftly gave me a harsh dose of reality.

Where does the time go? It just feels like yesterday when i would eagerly wait for an emote from my then-crush to extract a thousand different meanings, which he probably never meant. Sigh.Good times..good times

So when do things actually get old? Its not the number of years, That’s for sure, Its probably when they remain the same for a long period of time. Such an oxymoron. Wish it applied to humans as well, it would add a whole new meaning to the age-gracefully phenomenon.

i guess change is inevitable. Old things may not be up and running, but they have all made a special bond in our hearts that nothing can ever replace.

No matter how many new messengers come up, or how many new crushes i get, Ill never forget my face taking on the characteristics of a giddy child when my first crush pops up with a green figure like-thing next to his name.

So this is a tribute to windows live messenger, thank you for all the good times, you got us excited on nudges and smileys. You made green icons with abnormally sized tiny heads a delight to see. THANK YOU! You will be missed by us old saps.

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