Are old habits really….old?

Old habits die hard. Well the question that’s plaguing my mind is, do they really die?

Or are they just suppressed while the desire always remain. Whenever my mother or someone who scares me scolds me for doing something I shouldn’t have been doing, I stop. I make it a point not to repeat it,atleast not infront of them. That doesn’t mean that I stopped wanting to do it.

Im not saying we don’t grow up, we do in theory. We learn to obey, we learn not to talk back but that doesn’t mean we don’t think of witty comebacks, they just float in those bubbles above our heads like the comic characters and not in neatly shaped ovals that actually makes its way out of our mouths.

But as adults, we have certain traits that are viewed as improper to the society or people we love. Ok, just to make it clear, I am not talking about drugs or savage needs, I’m just talking about stupid silly things like lets say, picking your nose? being short tempered? The need to pick faults in others? Yeah you get the gist.

These are characters, and though some are more flawed than the others. I believe that these tiny things adds up and makes an individual stand out. I don’t mean that its nice to be known as the guy who farts in public, they wouldn’t call them bad habits without a reason would they?.

It sounds pretty pessimistic. But I don’t believe that people change, Atleast not all that much. I believe that we don’t need to, Unless you want to rip out peoples heads or sexually harass small children, your weird tiny tendencies are your trademark signs, and you don’t need to hide it from anyone unless its nose picking or watching porn then eww do it behind closed doors.

Just to be clear again by tendencies, I mean totally harmless small things like biting your nails or other silly stupid things. And if my mom’s reading this, I don’t bite my lip anymore. Really. Not much.

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