Don’t expect, just live

“What do you want to become when you grow up?”


Going back to the good old days when parents and loved ones would beam with pride with whatever little things we used to say. That was before the devil in the form of expectations corrupted their minds. Expectations, those are notorious little bastards that are always one or maybe a trillion steps ahead  of us.

We almost never keep up, and another little evil thing called disappointment always catches up to us. Why do we even expect things? The world would be such a brighter and a happier place if no one expected anything from anyone, murders could be solved faster(no one suspects the true killer until the very end, since it’s not expected from them…at least in tv series), families would be happier(no black sheep, no white sheep no NOTHING), money could be saved in political campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, there’s a flip side to it, no more cliff-hangers, no more surprises, life would be rather dull. There’s nothing in the world that can equate to the feeling of complete bliss when we reach our goal. Or that’s what i thought. But let’s try this, next time you say “thank you” for a job well done, don’t expect anything, and you will get the very same blissful feeling when you hear a “welcome” or an acknowledgement.

If I’m asked my expectations in my life, It’s going to range from the subway man to not forget my onions to each new day to be better than the previous one. And if he forgets again, or the day ends up being a disaster instead of letting that evil disappointment catch up with me, I’m going to have the same expectations for tomorrow, and the next day and next. There that’s not too unrealistic a goal, or is it, onions are pretty easy to forget….

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