Myths, facts and god knows what

After harassing my mother, and my sister’s in laws, with whom I’m currently residing till my next semester starts, I procured a set of interesting but absolutely baseless theories often called superstitions.

Many don’t believe in superstitions, but at the same don’t dare to prove it wrong as well. Why tempt fate? Here are a few among billions:

  • A baby is not allowed to look into a mirror till he/she is old enough to realise its his/her reflection.

OK, this one got me curious, so I googled it and this is what I found.

Mirrors are supposedly known to reflect souls, and they told us external beauty and soul are completely different things. Sighs. And a newborn child’s soul is believed to be developing till he turns a year old. So if he looks into a mirror, he dies. I honestly didn’t get the logic, but superstitions are never about the logic are they?

  • Broken mirrors are bad luck.

Someone really didn’t like mirrors back then.

  • If you spill mustard seeds on the floor of a house, the family residing there is bound to have family problems.

Note to marriage counselors: Its not the cheating or lying that’s the problem, Its those damn seeds.

  • A black cat crossing your path is considered as bad luck.

It was believed that witches could transform themselves to black cats, and nothing good ever comes out of make believe witches. The thought that maybe the cat is going somewhere never occurred to them.

  • If we spill salt, its considered as a form of warning.

Those big red signs with skulls and a huge cross sign striking it? Nope, salt’s the next big thing. It’s a sign from our guardian angel that the devil looms nearby.

  • Touch wood, this ones pretty famous.

To let the good luck continue, fairies are thought to reside in wooden structures. Tapping which, will ensure a blessing.

  • Do not loan curd on a Friday.

Our good luck will be transferred to that person. Selfishness isn’t a recent trait.

  • When on your periods, you aren’t supposed to touch the pickle jar, or water plants.

Periods are considered to make the girl impure for those couple of days, as if enduring them isn’t bad enough.

  • While going out, sightings of a prostitute or a dead person is supposedly believed to bring good fortune.

Not applicable to the prostitute’s or the dead person’s family for obvious reasons.


And many, many more. We are all guilty of saying god bless you, which was actually made a law by a few popes, following a sneeze. By crossing our fingers in anticipation, We take part in the promotion of this social issue, without even being aware of it.

Evil spirits, witches and black cats, these are pale in comparison to the most deadly kind of species inhabiting the earth with ample proof of their existence. Us.

7 thoughts on “Myths, facts and god knows what

  1. This is AWESOME!! I love the curd one. And, obviously, the prostitute. I totally forgot the knock on wood. The crazy thing is that I think I forgot it because I’m so used to hearing it that I don’t consider it an old wife’s tale! Great post and our sense of humor is sooooooo similar. By the way, sooooooo autocorrected to “cookbook” haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thaaank you! 😀 I posted this when I had 3 ardent followers! The fourth ‘like’ feels great! 😉
      Hahaha cookbook! Sometimes autocorrect changes my words completely that I end up doubting my vocabulary and start to google their version of my words. I realised that most of the time the autocorrect erm..thingie is just notorious for pulling everyone’s leg.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know! That orange notification still manages to excite me 😀 When I got my first comment from a complete stranger, I probably read it like a couple of billion times and took my time to respond since i felt that the comment was exotic and deserved a good response. Actually I think it said “good post”..or something 😛 I’ll start reblogging, I have been playing with that idea for quite sometime now and I’m on my way to read your post! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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