I am a dinosaur

Discussion about phones

Sister : Android?

Me: erm…LG


Me: no no, LG, eeeelll-geeee

Get the picture? I don’t understand technology, never have and most likely never will. I’m not entirely ancient, I know how to call and text a person, and I’m even BLOGGING! You’d think that’s enough, but the reality is it isn’t, not even close. Don’t misunderstand, I doubt I can exist without my phone, laptop, ipod.. I NEED them, even though I don’t fully get them.

i learnt this the hard way. After undergoing lasik surgery for my eyes a couple of days ago, I was advised by the man in the white coat to lay off anything which makes life easier. No tv, no laptop, no mobile. no fresh air….he should have just taken my eyes off.

Despite being about two centuries old, my hands itched day and night. What if he had replied? Imagine there’s a new tagged photo in which I resemble a zombie. Gaaah, those four days were absolutely terrifying.

Technology, it appeals to the wide mass, whether you are a dinosaur like me who squeals at every little new thing- have you seen those big red hearts BEATING in whatsapp? or you are the next Tim Cook or Steve Jobs.

I may be an aged gigantic creature but I still love what you techno-geeks invent to make it easier for all of us. Although getting a hang of it is proving to be a real pain in the a- what are dino butts called anyway?


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