Real People..says who

I was mindlessly going through all the mumbo jumbo in my newsfeed in facebook, when I came across this.


Now, its a really sweet post and it isn’t anything new but this time it got my attention as my brain craved useful thoughts rather than replaying scenes in my head-witty comebacks I should have said, or how I should have handled a situation or worse- a perfect scenario which is too good to be true and when it ends, the jolt to reality for lack of better words, sucks.

My initial response was obviously sarcasm, right so if we waste time on unimportant things we are all fake?  Followed by a quick mental chiding and then comfort, so maybe that’s why I’m single. I just haven’t met any real people yet. Yeah. Right.

I then did what every human in the 21st century would do when he/she is confused. I googled real people and this is what I got-

Real People is an NBC reality television series that aired from 1979 to 1984, on Wednesday and then Sunday nights. Its initial episodes aired live in the Eastern …

See? Even Google knows there’s nothing more to that set of words. And Google knows everything. Or atleast I think it does. Ok I will rant about this next time. Coming back to the topic- there is nothing real or fake about a human being.

Whether he’s a vegetable in a hospital or he probably scaled Mount Everest in record time he’s real.  If a father rapes his daughter, sadly he’s a human despite being a really sick one who doesn’t deserve a life. But he’s still real.

We feel that as humans, which are considered to be at the top of the evolutionary chain as of now and funnily enough proven so by ourselves, we need to have certain qualities that are exceptional. Unfortunately all the jerks, dicks, bitches(the human kind), and some of the kindest nicest people that you come across are all real.

If a person is nice, he’s nice, doesn’t make him more real’er’ than that guy who smashes baby seals to a pulp as a sport. It should, but it doesn’t . For me fake doesn’t equate to a person with flaws, because then the only real people would be robots and everyone’s seen the terminator to know that that notion doesn’t have a happy ending.

Being real for me is just being yourself. Nobody can define what’s real for you or for me, unless…. he’s Ryan Gosling


Nah, not even him.


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