For the grown-up kids

I remember thinking my dad was the awesom’est’ person on the planet, because he bought a T.V(at that age, cable was not a familiar concept) which had a channel which only featured CARTOONS. EVEN THE ADVERTISEMENTS WERE BY THE CARTOON CHARACTERS! Things couldn’t get any better for a 6 year old.

Now I’m 20 and whenever the news channel depresses me, I still wish I was 6 when my greatest concern would be:Is scooby doo right? Is there a real ghost? Will Dee-Dee trouble Dexter again? Will professor let the girls fight crime and save the day past their bed time?

If you are a 90’s kid, you are likely to identify with all these nuts that lit your world bright with possibilities.

  • The PowerPuff Girls


Whether you are a tomboy, or an overly sensitive kid, or a –erm, I’m not sure about blossom-a bossy person? You would identify with these girls. An outcome of an accident-no not the usual kind, this involves sugar, spice and everything nice and of course the KEY ingredient *drum roll* chemical X– by the handsome bachelor with a rectangular head, the professor. These girls with heads too large for their tiny bodies are here to ‘fight crime and save the world’ and also help the mayor open his pickle jar. Don’t ask.

  • Johnny Bravo


This flamboyant playboy with excessive hairspray may have been terribly unpopular with his methods of wooing among the ladies in the show, but I can safely say that he stole every girl’s (age 5 and above) hearts in the real world. Who wouldn’t love this notorious romantic who is hopelessly in love with himself, and that adorable opening line of his ‘Whoaa maama’?

  • Dexter’s laboratory


A personal favourite because I felt I could totally relate to it. I imagined myself to be the extremely brilliant Dexter(maybe I should have identified more with the swanking Johnny) and my sister to be Dee-Dee who is a happy-go-lucky girl and ruins everything poor uptight Dexter invents. Her undying curiosity ‘Ooooh, what does this button do?’ followed by a series of WHAM, BAM and Dexter looking helpless and cursing his fate, is the best therapy after standing in the corner for too long, or having had shared ones favorite cookies on mothers insistence, one could ever have.

  • Courage – The cowardly dog


This one’s for the kids with an iron stomach. The excessive salivating pinkish purple dog who prefers drinking from the toilet bowl to his OWN bowl. He is looked after by this the sweetest woman Muriel and harassed by her greedy, horrid husband Eustace. From zombies and aliens to disturbing humour, this show has it all. It used to scare the diapers off me and to this date has never been a favourite.

  • Scooby-Doo


My sister was so addicted to this series, that she wanted to name our puppy ‘Scooby-Dooby Doo’ Fortunately it didn’t fit in the collar so she reluctantly reduced it to Scooby. ‘The gang’ was known for their skills for solving challenging mysteries. Velma- the nerd, Daphne- the pretty girl, Fred- the leader with an eye on Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby-ever hungry hogs, these misfit teenagers through antics and a catchy theme song are undisputedly the best crime solvers to this day.

  • The Flintstones


The voice in your head just screamed ‘yaaabaa daaba dooooo’ didn’t it? Set in the stone age, it portrayed the everyday life of a middle class family and their neighbours. This show was deemed special because it was refreshing to watch the counterparts of every small things in the stone age. Instead of bath tubs, they had elephants for showering water. Modern day aircrafts would pale in comparison to their pterosaurs. Petrol was replaced by ‘feet power’. And many many more.

  • Tom and Jerry


The cartoon for every grown up kid based on a seemingly simple plot – a cat, a mouse, and lots and lots of fun. I recently read somewhere that as kids, we used to cheer Jerry on, and the ways he used to pick fights with Tom was a delight to watch but as we ‘grow up’ we realize that Jerry is an ass to try to ruin Tom’s life. And that’s what we call maturity. I’m not surprised, I always suspected maturity to be a party-pooper.

These are few of the cartoons that I absolutely adored watching. These days, kids just hunt down zombies themselves and don’t want ‘the gang’ to do so, stone age is an age they probably can’t even relate to, with all the playstations and what-not. I feel like an old grumpy lady now, and I’m going to watch some TV to get my spirits back up. Mmm, Ben 10’s on…you know the guy with the watch which can..maybe next time.


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