The right to remain silent? I don’t think so

silenceIf you are getting arrested you do, but if you are a witness you owe it to humanity. You know the people who are worse than the murderers and the rapists? The witnesses who keep silent.

My family has always told me to stay out of trouble, ‘If it doesn’t concern you, stay out of it’ which had worked out fine when I was a kid, not much so as years passed. I realized that they say this because I am their greatest concern and it would affect them if I were to get hurt. Doesn’t this apply to the victims too?. All of them have loved ones who would be devastated. Tomorrow if I find myself in a critical situation, and the only person in the street were to ignore me and leave following his loved ones advice, how would my parents feel about the sting of the very advice they advocated to me?

Men reliving themselves on the road, vulgar eve-teasing in the streets, husbands beating up their wives and lots more.  If you are surprised, don’t be these are as common as muck in the rural sides of India.

It’s such a pity that occurrences like these don’t even get a glance by the crowd.  Nobody has the time or the energy to get involved anymore. Infact things have become so out of hand I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to get a video or a picture instead of calling the ambulance while I’m gasping for my last breath.

I remember walking with my cousin brother late one night when we witnessed this gruesome fight outside a stranded supermarket. I quickly asked him to ‘look away’ , and quickened our paces. When we reached home, he confided in me ‘When I grow up, I’ll make them both stand in opposite corners for a whole day till they learnt their lessons.’ That 4 year old boy made me rethink my every move or in this case every move I missed in my entire life. Sure his ‘put them in the corner’ technique wouldn’t have worked but he at least would have done something.

I felt what I did was right in a way too, I was scared and I didn’t even have the slightest hope to overcome any of the troublemakers or even their pinkies, but I could have called the cops. If I had a kid, I wouldn’t want him to get involved unnecessarily too. In this world, good people end up dead just for meddling. There is a fine line between being brave and being stupid. In this case, it would have been stupid of me to try to break up the fight but I had another fairly brave option, I could have alerted authorities when I saw the fight was getting worse. If I didn’t have the guts to disclose my identity, an anonymous tip from a payphone would have served the purpose. But I didn’t. I was scared and I never want to feel so helpless by choice again.

Next time you see someone peeing on the road, confront the guy alone if you are confident or form a group or do something. There are always umpteen options before us. Don’t try to play hero, you see someone waving a gun around don’t be stupid, 10 minutes of fame can either be in the front page or the obituary page, call the cops. Eve-teasing? Take a stand. If you turn a blind eye to someone getting harassed right in front of you, picture your mother, father, son, daughter or yourself in that very situation and tell me how you feel when no one even tries. Either get involved directly when you can, or bring the situation to the spotlight or at least to those who can get involved. ANYTHING is better than just lowering your head and hastening your pace. Don’t live thinking ‘What if?’ Regrets will catch up to you and soon enough you would be wishing more than anything to go back in time and change it.


7 thoughts on “The right to remain silent? I don’t think so

      • With your dozen and my 20 or so, I feel we have a great start to at least try out our moves on and as with everything – practice makes perfect. I would bet my bottom rupee we’ll find more as time goes along, done costumes are my job, so is bling your thing?

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      • As long as my mom can use ‘part-time superhero’ in the umpteen matrimony sites, down the lane, she won’t mind.So we have material(idiots everywhere), skills-that will develop with practice like you stated, bling(please no capes, please) and of course being Indians-parents consent. Yup, we are superheroes now.

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      • Oh no! 😀 😀 😀 No capes, I agree, we can just whip them with our heavily adorned sari pallus 😀 Parents consent most important, and while we’re at it, dadi, dada, nani, nana, next door neighbour, everyone in the nearby radius of 1000km. As the entire society is going to HAVE to know what we’re doing, naturally. Arre, I think Indian girls by nature are born superheroes, having to get through everything we do, if you can get past our ladkas that is 😛

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      • Arre, what a brilliant idea!!! I think Marvel’s creative heads would be like wtf?! all the way through, and they thought Iron Man was a superhero?! Never – make way for DesiGirl!!!


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