Those judgy little eyes that I want to tear off

Sorry for the rather violent image that you must be imagining because of my ‘what-seems-to-be’ rude words. I have a reason. People suck. I really must start coming up with more original ideas, Thank god wordpress doesn’t have those ‘techy-things’ that picks up on a borrowed word or thought like those used to evaluate the […]

Why winning makes you a loser.

I recently visited a temple where there the usual pushing, pulling, groping(some people never pass on an opportunity), punching, poking-your-eye-you get the point, basically anything that gets them a spot before you to bow their heads down to a deity probably praying for world peace, was replaced with a sense of calm and patience. Everyone […]

Submissive brains

Sometimes my brain finds it difficult to implement its superiority over my tongue, hands and basically every other part.  I recently realized it’s not just MY brain, but many other brains too. So next time you want to drill someone back into the earth’s crust, just give this thought a moment-maybe their brains authority isn’t […]

I am an egg

Boiled, scrambled and cracked open- this is the closest I can get to define the week I have had. I started my posting in a hospital(it’s supposed to mean assisting doctors and picking up bits and pieces that help me save lives, but reality is parading the much awaited ‘white coat’-universal signature of doctors- and […]

A traditional South Indian Wedding, and Why I don’t want it

Weddings…people throwing their heads back laughing, kids running around, the aroma of jasmine flowers and traditionally cooked sadhya(traditional meal), the bride gazing dotingly at the husband- these are the images we THINK that consist a wedding thanks to the overly paid photographers we hire. Reality? It’s tiresome and expensive and to be honest, boring. Really […]