Use Your Own Steering Wheel

freedomTo say that this week hasn’t been quite pleasant as it should have been, would be an understatement. My emotional roller coaster had far too many peaks and troughs to guarantee a joyous ride, instead I feel sick and dizzy. Like they say, all things come to an end and thank god for that, I have something to look forward to instead of moping and lying around.

I’m sick of being driven around in journey I’m supposed to be making on my own. I need to find out which road I like, and not what they prefer. I’m old enough for a license so why not at least give me the benefit of doubt?  I don’t want to drive around in anybody’s life and take them for a ride either.  I haven’t made many wrong turns yet, so don’t just let me steer you around in your vehicle. Just give me my wheels and don’t give me yours. I’m old enough for mine, but too inexperienced for yours.

I know you are scared, I’m scared too. I could get hurt, bruised or even hurt someone else. I’ll learn from the bruises, I promise, I may still crash sometimes, but it will teach me to be more cautious. How am I supposed to fly if you clip my wings together and won’t let me try to flap them?

Then there’s you, I cannot drive you around anymore, you are old enough. Counting on someone, is a warm feeling, but you’ll get lazy. When will you start counting on yourself? You want me to make mistakes for you, so that the guilt doesn’t burden you while it haunts me. When I’m busy I can give you directions if you want, but you would have to go on that ride yourself. If I go on your journey who will go on mine? If there’s one thing I know for certain is that I do not want to miss my ride, so here, take your own steering wheel, and let me handle mine.

I don’t want to drive anyone around and don’t want to be driven either.


2 thoughts on “Use Your Own Steering Wheel

  1. People don’t trust other people when it comes to driving. Trust me. I’ve suffered for months now, begging my parents to not make me get a driving lisence…but they don’t trust me enough to listen to me

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