Submissive brains

brainsSometimes my brain finds it difficult to implement its superiority over my tongue, hands and basically every other part.  I recently realized it’s not just MY brain, but many other brains too. So next time you want to drill someone back into the earth’s crust, just give this thought a moment-maybe their brains authority isn’t taken seriously in their bodies too.

Here’s why I think my head isn’t given the crown:

  • Refusing things

Some other nut : Would you mind writing my assignment this week also? I have this terrible migraine and I just know that it’s going to get worse during the weekend.

Brain : WHAT?! Again? No, say NO WOMAN. Migraines can’t be predicted. COME ON.

Heart: Never hurt anyone. Even liars.

Tongue: Yeah sure, I hope you feel well soon.

  • Crushes

Brain:  He used to date your sister. Your friends call him uncle behind his back. He thinks he’s ‘as cool as ice’(don’t ask). You found porn in his phone-in 3 different languages.

Heart : People change.

Eyes: His hands are so big and beautiful, especially for carrying our child.

  • Day dreaming/Procrastinating

Brain : If you start today, you can complete it without a fuss.

Eyes : The wall is a beautiful color. The table is so pretty, just like a butterfly.

Body:  The bed is excellent, not leaving this place foreveeeer.

Sometimes my brain finds it difficult to control itself, let alone others

  • Uncomfortable ‘better-avoided’ truths



Brain: OH MY GOD! YOU IDIOT! Why, why, why would you SAY THAT?

  • Shopping

Brain : Why bother waiting for a turn in the trial room, it looked excellent on the mannequin and it’s bound to look the same or maybe even better on you.


Brain: Honestly, don’t you listen to me at all? You think you look like a mannequin? GEEZ, I sometimes don’t understand you at all.

  • Checking out someone

Brain : Wow! Take an another look, come on, go ahead. It must have been a dream.


Brain : Great, now he thinks you are being creepy for staring. We are going to die alone, you desperate woman.

And the only reason why this battle makes me function in life.

  • Mondays

Brain : It’s going to be a horrible week, and we have the ENTIRE WEEK to endure. Let’s go back and cuddle in bed.

Heart: If you work hard enough this week, maybe we could afford that sequel of ‘If tomorrow comes-Sidney Sheldon’ and those shoes you saw the other day, and also that-


18 thoughts on “Submissive brains

    • I’m supposed to be in a hospital observing doctors and learning from them, instead I convinced myself that I needed to regain faith in Mondays. The only way to do that is to do absolutely nothing and curl up in bed. 😀

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