Celebrate sans the gifts

Happy Diwali, Happy Halloween, Happy WHATEVER that gets you a day off from work and makes you well..happy.


No, I’m not going to write a post of either of them. This one is instead going to be of things I want. I am not a really conceited person, I promise. I just thought I’ll prepare my birthday wish list a week earlier this time to avoid getting another golf kit(MY DAD), cards the size of a 10 year old child(I live in a hostel, and space is an absolute luxury I lack) and clothes(my legs are too long for the rest of my body, and hips too wide, you are bound to get me something that would fit weird on me). And for those who just met me and don’t want to make too much of a commitment towards getting a gift, no problem, cash, cheque -any form of funding is accepted. Yes, I actually wrote that, It’s my birthday(soon) I get to say what I want. Ok, no I can’t. I’m sorry I was kidding about the cash, you could send wishes to this account no-oh, never mind. Get me these instead.

  • Unlimited supply of nutella  – who doesn’t want that?
  • Painless hair removal method- this one popped up in my head after reading storytimewithjohns recent misadventure. Those creams are out of the question- we end up with odours that are best left undisclosed, bleh. Waxing strips are just another form of legal torture.
  • Eliminate stress – we share a love/hate relationship, it gets the job done at a heavy price
  • A device that warns me when idiots lurk too close-my brain is biased, refer submissivebrains
  • A magic cloak(yes, JK Rowling, I WANT IT) – that hides me from expectations, disappointments and gossips.
  • A little guts- I find the chicken I devour at KFC mocking me sometimes. Really.
  • Hand and eye, hand and brain, brain and tongue co-ordination- I’m all over the place, sometimes, actually most times.
  • Fitting t-shirts in the women section- I am sick of Hannah Montana and Barbie t-shirts in the 12-14 yr section.
  • Hair manager- something that puts my hair in place without any effort despite the weather outside(tried creams, oils, and there was even a hair-smoothening phase)
  • A bit of your time-it’s probably the most valuable of the lot.

These are the things I truly find missing in my life. Here’s a shout out to gift-less celebrations and those little things in life that money can’t and will never be able to buy- the joy of your favourite song playing in the radio, meeting friends unexpectedly at the most random of places, a twist in the events of a book/movie that races your heart, and many many more.  Don’t get your loved ones anything for a change, just spend the entire day with them instead, that’s the best gift one could ever hope for.

Happy celebrating you all! 😀


4 thoughts on “Celebrate sans the gifts

  1. I would love painless hair removal..I absolutely hate waxing, and I absolutely hate jeans. So my only options are to either walk around like a gorilla, or to get boiling hot wax poured on my body only to be ripped of along with hair, skin and tears.
    And after having consumed a shameful amount of nuttela (you know the glass container it comes in? We have a dozen “glasses” that look suspiciously similar to those), I think I’m gonna lay off the stuff for a while.

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    • Nutella is the only thing that gets me through the post-waxing trauma-that and skirts. One can never simply ‘lay off’ nutella, or maybe I’m just not mentally strong enough to do so. I like to believe the former.

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      • Trust me, the withdrawal symptoms I went through after I didn’t get Nutella for a week we’re horrific! But it’s possible to lay off Nutella if you compensate with tones of other chocolates and stop fitting into your clothes. Now that I fit into them again, Nutella might make a comeback.
        Reading your post though, I don’t think you’ll completely get the whole no fitting into clothes thing..

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  2. Might? Oh, it will. It’s just using the old ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ technique. Skeleton and just bones(skinny) may sound good on paper, but in reality, I’m grateful for my pointed noise and my weird hair-without which people would be confused forever trying to figure out which side of me is facing them.


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