You are being too kind, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

                                                                     Auto drivers in India are notoriously known for their outrageous fares.

Today an auto rickshaw(refer above picture) driver, without any prodding from my side, informed me that I just needed to pay the exact fare shown in the meter. Obviously, his kind demeanour didn’t convince me-yeah, right, as if nice people exist. I paid close attention to the route he was taking me in, whether the meter was rigged, if he had some needles hidden in the auto which he could stick in my back and render me unconscious and more. When he dropped me home, conscious and wary, without asking for any extra money and even wishing me a safe night, I actually felt a pinch of disappointment instead of relief- Really? That’s it? And kept looking over my shoulder till I reached home, maybe he would come back and try something.

The world’s become such a place that any good deed is scrutinized and ripped apart in a thorough search for any evidence of foul play. An actor donates so and so amount – Gah, publicity stunt. Neighbor’s WiFi isn’t secured(not really a good deed, just ignorance but still)-most scams happen online and can be traced back too, it’s smart to leave it alone. A stranger in the same bogey/bus offers biscuits- he’s probably trying to drug us.  A man offers a lift in the middle of the night – warning bells are set off in our heads.

People are the only ones that can be blamed for the lack of trust. The appalling stories we hear daily, is enough to destroy trust even within family. When fathers can rape their children these days, how is it possible to not question the motive of a man,who is a complete stranger, offering a ride back home, even if he is doing it out of genuine kindness. Is this what is destined for us? To live in fear each day, to be wary of each other’s motive and  to find the idea of someone going out of their way to help another-absolutely  ridiculous and too naïve?

There’s always that one kid in class whose mischief lands everyone in trouble. One terrorist of a religion if found guilty, makes it hard for everyone in that particular religion. It’s time to stop categorizing people. I haven’t come across two things or people that are absolutely alike in my twenty years, and most likely won’t in the future too. Don’t let the hard hearted soul-less pathetic excuses of a human being convince you that it’s their world more than ours. Trust people, not too blindly-it’s too early for that, but at the same time start trusting. Many won’t deserve it, that’s for sure, but you wouldn’t know if they aren’t worthy of it till you give them a chance, will you? I want to apologize to that kindhearted driver, for being wary of him even when he was just doing his job.  Sorry, We humans find it hard to believe that our race is actually not all that bad-sometimes.


4 thoughts on “You are being too kind, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

  1. This is a really nice post. And I couldn’t agree more. People are becoming really cynical these days, and it’s just sad.
    That said, it’s probably not safe to give anyone a ride to anywhere in the middle of the night.
    And it’s way worse if you’re a girl.

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    • Thank you! Middle of the day itself is risky these days, given the daily amount of horror the newspapers report. We have a long way to go before finding the thought of a free ride at odd hours even worth considering.

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  2. You are so right. And I love that thought–that we need to take back the world, not let others determine how we see it. In truth there’s far more of us “good guys,’ honest, decent, caring people than the bad ones. I’m reminded of this every time I drive down the public streets. It’s amazing to me that 99.9% of all drivers obey the traffic signals and stay within their designated lanes. They do so for the common good, including their own. We rarely think to praise ourselves or be encouraged by this because traffic accidents still occur and kill, and we have to be careful. But the streets are not as dangerous as they could be if there were more bad guys than good out there.


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