Share time with time

This week I learnt that time can only be shared with time. Earlier I used to force my time to participate even when the other person didn’t permit theirs to do so.‘ I honestly don’t have time.’ This is one of the most abused sentences, that I, as a student am guilty of using. Over and over and over again. Later on I realized, time hadn’t secretly launched a revenge scheme to teach me a lesson for taking it for granted as I had suspected. By later on, I mean two decades.

It’s all priorities. You are actually the bossy dominant one in this relationship with time. You decide for how long, or whether or not time is allotted to a person, a thing or a hobby. A minute which is precious to your friend, may be nothing out of the ordinary for you, and it would only take a slightest re-scheduling of your priorities to make it all the more precious for your friend. Who gets more priority over whom? Simple. If you are included in their list, it would be a pleasant feeling to do the same. And if you aren’t anywhere close, I suggest you keep the spot empty and fill it up when someone worthy comes by with lots and lots of time to spare.

My dad used to howl say ‘Time is precious, it moves on without you’(He didn’t make that up, but he regularly used it whenever I used to stare at the walls. For hours.) He was right in a way, it is precious, and shouldn’t be allotted to the less deserving but the moving on part I feel is bogus. Time is available in plenty, excess even. You just need to set your priorities right, failing which you will be deluded into thinking that time is flying at some supersonic speed, and you can do nothing but just stare and complain. I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Unless you press the snooze button, because as far as I know, there are no explanations for that phenomenon.

6:30 am-*snooze*

****after what seems like 5 mins****

9:30 am- HUH? WHAT?


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