Get your own cape, superman

capeWe all have had unrealistic goals at some point of our lives, which gets even more fueled up with all the Nike ad’s ‘Just do it’ -which is really sweet and naive because to be honest, life would be a whole lot duller without a few fantasies like I don’t know Settling down with Robert Downey Jr? – A totally random fantasy of err someone close..Stop judging.

Personally, I love people who believe they are superheroes in disguise. They radiate positivity till they get banged unconscious by the awful reality in the form of limitations. But I like dreamers. What I thoroughly despise is the extent people go to make their dreams come true. People believe that the final destination is the highlight of every journey, while it may be the whole reason behind going down that lane, I feel the journey itself is the more deserving star.

You can’t just get on someone’s head just to become taller, I mean you can but you really shouldn’t. Not only will you fall, but when you do the only person in that vicinity would be the person whose head you preferred to the ground. Yeah, it’s going to get ugly.

Reach for the skies, the moon, the stars, whatever it is that floats your boat, just make sure you get there with your own cape or an extra high bar stool and not by standing on some poor saps head.

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