Stepping away from the war zone by abandoning opinions

Have you ever had a friend who just NEVER takes sides despite picking one in his/her thoughts? If there is something I can’t stand that’s being neutral. How can you not have an opinion? Ok, granted having an opinion and being neutral are two different things, but I know a lot of people personally who just never voices their opinion about anything and claim that they just want to avoid conflict.


“What do you think? This or that?”

“Both seem nice”

UGH. I just can’t stand answers like this. I mean I am ACTUALLY asking you something to fool you into thinking that your opinion actually matters so you feel more comfortable and loved and I end up loving myself a lot more. But no, you just have to say things like, um, both..or have no opinion about the matter at discussion and now I’m feeling guilty about that the entire biased rant I unloaded on you minutes ago.

When it’s a genuine doubt, I get no opinions, no suggestions nothing but if it’s a non-existent love life or some other  feature- pancake resemblance that I want NO OPINIONS on- BAM! Opinions flood the way starving semi-naked girls run behind a sex-starved boy after a little help from a deodorant(in unicorn land, ofcourse).

Then there’s the one who offers valuable advice AFTER the entire event and claims they knew it all along. Oh thanks, if the girl in final destination followed your footsteps the movie would have ended in a few minutes. Maybe when she’s in heaven with her other unfortunate pals, she could go like “Yeah, you know what? I just KNEW it would happen, but didn’t know how to tell you”

So if you have an opinion on something and someone actually makes the mistake of asking you about it, trust me, shout it from the rooftop. Eventually people will stop bothering about your opinions-if you voice them too often, or too little- so enjoy the warmth while the sun shines. Don’t fret about how it sounds to them, there’s no right and wrong opinions as far as I know.

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