Driving lessons – Day 1

So I finally took the plunge and decided to go for driving lessons. YAY! And also because my dad made a snide comment about how I would be the first person he knew who would be hit with menopause and license at the same time.  I’m 20.

Anyways this is a big thing because I still haven’t mastered the art of walking across a flat surface without slipping at least once.  To be honest, I wasn’t all that nervous I mean, I have played those horrible car chasing games in whatever new device my cousin brother splurged on and yes, I kept blowing up the car, but the character would inevitably spring back to life. So how hard could it be right?

The driving instructor looked up when I entered, and I couldn’t help but notice his sign of exasperation which was not invited by my face-I think, and rather my gender. I felt a frisson of annoyance “Pfft, I could be the next Lewis Hamilton and he would have to live with that guilt that he stereotyped me with the usual ‘woman drivers suck’ notion”. After the class I forgave him for that expression because I have a large heart and nobody is perfect, and life should be about forgiveness. And also because I suck. Like really really bad.

Exasperated annoyed old man : So, do you know anything about a car?

Me: Maybe just the ABC’s, hahaha(I’m stupid when I’m nervous)

EAOM(looking pleased): That’s very good, accelerator-brake-clutch. Fine then we can get started straight away

Me: ……


Exasperated REALLY annoyed old man : NO NO, I SAID CLUTCH NOT ACCELERATOR.

Me: On the bright side, my steering seems good.

ERAOM:  Yeah, Despite the second steering wheel which I’m using, I’m surprised we are still on the road.


Tired man who just wants to go home : So, which is your favourite car?

Me:*without a pause* Jaguar

TMWJWTGH (with a little hope now) : Why so?

Me: Love their emblem, that tiny silver jaguar leaping is just soo COOL.


After the class

He was watching me carefully maybe wondering if I would burst into tears or something. I didn’t have the slightest hope that he would take me in as a student.

He: I don’t think..this..

Me: innocent
He: *gulps* Tomorrow same time?

The thing about getting a license in India, once you are enrolled to a driving school you are automatically entitled to a license- legally, there’s still a test and all that, but once someone accepts you as their student, most of the procedure is done. I’m sure they must have started printing my drivers license, but they haven’t taken a proper photo yet, what if they use the same one where I’m flaring my nostrils to the extent that you needn’t look twice to infer that I had a cold then. Ew. Do they re-take the photo? Must remember to ask him tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Driving lessons – Day 1

    • Trust me, start NOW. Actually that advice may be applicable only for me. Erm, licence? Yeah well, you know driving isn’t all that easy..and the world needs more humanitarians than drivers. The prices of petrol are CRAZY! I suddenly care about all this since I still haven’t passed my driving test, but hey you may never know by the time you read this I must have..or not!


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