Fancy the truth? No, not really

Ok, I am guilty of saying things like ‘I rather hear the harsh truth than a sugar coated lie’. It’s a lie. I prefer a sugar coated truth, to be honest. Who wouldn’t? My grandfather is known for his bluntness, and I would be lying if I said he was popular. He has no friends, and the only people who don’t show their desire to punch his face is because he’s 80 years old and no one wants to be that person who bullied the ‘poor old man’.

He’s the kind of person who would tell you that your best friend, a cancer patient in her final days but with ample hope, is ‘stupid’ if she thinks she’s going to win this battle. She didn’t survive, but at the same time saying it out loud didn’t make the situation any better. I personally feel that there are a few truths in the world that are just better left unsaid.

Truths are readily accepted in the changing room at a store, but in the party when someone is parading that expensive weird dress which fits awkward, you politely ignore it and move on to other topics. You don’t make it a mission to point out that it makes her look like a Christmas tree with wayward branches. You can but you just shouldn’t.

People claim they are good-humored and can take everything in the right way, but I honestly don’t buy that. Criticism can be beneficial, but there’s a certain way to deliver the blow. Is it such a big crime to sugar-coat a truth in such a way that the person is informed and at the same time doesn’t want to blow your head apart? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind it as long as it’s honest.

Is it so hard to be polite and tell the truth? Of course it’s hard to say ‘I’m sorry but it doesn’t look good’ to a terminally ill patient, but it’s better than saying ‘You are going to die’. Or am I just a gut-less human being who just wants to avoid trouble but still wants her conscience to leave her in peace for carefully phrasing sensitive truths?  I just don’t want to end up being the 80 year old woman who everyone down the street secretly dreams of running over. Unless the neighborhood is filled with idiots I don’t like. If that’s the case, then I wouldn’t mind firing away the unedited versions of the harsh, cruel truths. 😉


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