Thanksgiving…or not


Obviously, I don’t know much about thanksgiving.

Since it’s almost thanksgiving(or is it over already?) and we don’t really celebrate it all that much here in India, I decided to do a post on things that I am NOT thankful for. I stole got inspired by Phil Taylor’s list of things he’s thankful for.


I don’t even want to caption this.

  • Penises

Before you leave the page after throwing me a look of distaste ‘Great! Another man-hating woman, give me something new already.’ Hear read me out. This particular external organ annoys me because of the ease at which it can be ‘flipped,emptied and shoved back’. I don’t know about your place, but here in India you are bound to see ample amount of people relieving themselves on the footpath.  I see my fair share of penises when I go out for a walk. No, it’s not a dream come true.



  • Movie trailers

I really can’t blame anyone for this, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to not write about it. What is the POINT of even spending money to watch a film in the big screen when you have already seen the crucial scenes in the trailer. I find this especially applicable to horror movies. I am already an idiot to spend money for a fortnight of nightmares and mind torture, don’t make me feel more bad about it by showing me scenes I have already seen in the trailer. UGH! Or maybe I should just skip the trailer and watch the movie. With my luck, It will be a movie based on a forgotten war. I’ll just never win, I guess.


Now picture a dress like this, or the same stained with different sauces or curry.

  • White clothes

Am I the only one who drops curry(I’m an Indian, must be the billionth time I’m using that as an excuse) at odd places and in the end have to do a little Macarena with my purse to cover the most obvious stains at parties? The mannequin makes it seem so easy – ‘look at me, Simple and elegant’. Macarena during funerals(we wear white) aren’t very elegant. Or simple.


You know you are screwed if someone starts doing this.

  • Sensitive people

I confess, I cried while watching Lion King. OK FINE , I MAY STILL CRY. But I can often, if not always take a little joke at my expense every once in a while. I know a bunch of ‘sensitive’ folks who can be a great sport while pulling another person’s legs but if the same events were to be reversed, *BOOM BAM* Enter the little tiny bastards to defend them, that can convict you without a slightest evidence, gushing down their cheeks.


  • PMS

Pre-menstrual syndrome. While it may be used as an excuse once in a while, it does not give you the right to act like you can get away with everything. As a woman, I’m guilty of using this as an excuse when I don’t want to explain my pointless actions. As a human, I HATE it when someone uses this reason to justify acting like a bitch. Since I feel my allegiance lies more with humans than women, I have to agree it’s annoying. I’m half expecting someone to come up with ‘not guilty-on account of PMS, your honor’ during a murder trail.

Anyways, these are the few things that I can think of at the present since I’m a bundle of sunshine usually and also because I know I won’t stop if I continue and WordPress will call me an ungrateful blogger spoiling the spirit of thanksgiving and I’ll probably..cry or something. Happy thanksgiving you all!! 😀


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…or not

  1. Crying during movies is a pain, specially if you’re going to the movies with your brothers who are probably made out of stone (or are too stupid to understand the movie)…
    And white clothes are fun..when you have a big playful dog and a tiny poopy guinea pig, what could possibly go wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha, poopy guinea pig..You HAVE to post a photo!As for the crying part, I agree. I thought my dad would get that scene from lion king since it portrays the bond between a father and a son, but no he was just annoyed that I was making him watch ‘a cartoon’ instead of letting him watch humanity tear itself apart in the news.Disney movies offer so much more wisdom. Right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • My dad fails to get most animated movies. He told me to grow up when he “caught” me watching anime… The scene from lion king is so awesome I feel physical pain when someone doesn’t get it.
        And the poopy piggy photos are next on my agenda!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Grow up? Haha! When I told my dad, I had a serious obsession on Flynn Rider, the character from Tangled, it took him several days to get over that. He sported the same line ‘grow up’. What’s with all this growing up fuss?Oh,Include the dog’s pictures too! 😀


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