The little joys of life


I couldn’t resist. LOOK AT THEM. How could I?

My dad always wears an expression of pure unadulterated joy on his face after –this may sound a bit weird but here goes- his trip to the washroom. Being an extremely curious child/adult with lots of spare time, I have noticed this isn’t an isolated event but one with an alarming regularity. This got me thinking, if relieving himself can bring so much of contentment to a 6’2 man who weighs about 95 kgs, anything is indeed possible in this world.

What is the one tiny insignificant thing that you do in your life that always plasters a smile on your face, no matter how ridiculous or unimportant it is? Answering nature’s call doesn’t come under the category of ridiculous, in case you were wondering.

I have a list of little things that are pretty special despite seeming ordinary

  • After a horrible summer cold, I always take time (few seconds) to appreciate my tired hands which are finally devoid of little pieces of wet tissue stuck to them.
  • Underwear love – I HAD to include this, after the 5 days of heaviness and cramps I always look forward to the day when I just have to worry about wedgies and not concentrate on my walk to avoid waddling like a penguin.
  • 100% charge– I have never reached this stage, but I suppose it would be a blissful moment to see the little battery icon in its non-threatening form.
  • My song playing on the radio- Ok, This isn’t entirely true. I get excited if ANY of the songs that I know plays on the radio. Bonus points if I know the lyrics to it.
  • Orange – No, not the fruit. A little orange colored notification in WordPress almost never fails to impress.
  • Fridays– they bring hope of the possibility of ‘some productive work’ during the weekend, which procrastination soon gobbles leaving no trace of it anywhere. Nevertheless, I love Fridays despite the false promises.

World peace and equal rights for all got lost somewhere between the nature’s call part and period woes. It doesn’t make them any less important, obviously. Anyways, What about you? What little thing brightens your day up or never fails to crack a smile on your face?


4 thoughts on “The little joys of life

  1. Even though this will sound really silly, I love knowing that other people have no idea what I am talking about. They usually think I’m just babbling, which makes me smile because I have a horrible superiority complex, and me smiling makes them think that I’m insane which makes them even more wary and that makes me more amused and the cycle goes on till I realize I haven’t completed a daily challenge on some game or they run away screaming in complete confusion.

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