Existing is a sin you are committing

I feel like a phoenix, rising from the ashes. Ok, no I really don’t. I just thought the metaphor would sound good since you know it’s that time of the year when Baby Jesus was born bringing hope and joy with him and I wanted to divert you from the fact that I haven’t posted in a really, really long time. I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m a Hindu by birth and not too religious by choice but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating whatever anyone is celebrating. You don’t need to be a christian to eat lots and lots cake and threaten little children by using the ‘if you do that, santa isn’t going to be happy’. My mom just used  ‘the grocery man will eat you up if you don’t eat your meals’. ANYWAYS. I didn’t really want to talk about the grocery man who may or may not be a cannibal feeding on innocent annoying kids who didn’t complete their meals.

Some are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah while other are..well doing nothing. Everyone is cut out from different cloths. While it’s considered normal in my culture to discipline a child using force, It’s considered a heinous crime elsewhere. It may be nothing out of the ordinary to watch a couple’s intimate movements and yet here in India couples may get arrested for a little tongue action. Forget tongue, recently they arrested a couple for holding hands in public. ‘Too much PDA’ it seems. Pft. What I mean is, there may be many many culture shocks one might experience living in this world. What I can assure you is that in no SANE country or city or home it is acceptable to take innocent lives in the name of a higher being.

You may be a christian, muslim,hindu,buddhist,atheist or anyone but if you hurt my children,my family who have done absolutely no harm to you, believe me there is a special place in hell reserved for rotten misguided souls like yours. Don’t believe in hell? You will after you die, trust me. Your success is short-lived, enjoy it while you can. We will stand up to you, till the very end. You go ahead rape our sisters, torture our brothers and kill our children, we may not have the right ammunition to face you head-on as of now, but don’t you for a minute, think that we will falter in our steps. Your faith, thoroughly misguided has bypassed stupidity and now bordering on insanity won’t be there to save you in the end.

Peshawar’s recent horrific episode, India’s many many rape records are some among many reasons for this festive mood dampening post.


4 thoughts on “Existing is a sin you are committing

  1. Wtf? Who got arrested for holding hands? Where?
    And the Peshawar news really depressed me. Why kill innocent children for something adults did? That’s just so wrong. I mean I know we’re talking about terrorists here but still!
    And even though I was born a Hindu too, I believed in Santa for a long time…It was fun to just write letters a few days before Christmas and watch as my parents rushed to “get the letter to Santa”.


    • The moral police has been a major pain in the backside in India.
      I read somewhere that it’s a wonder that we still haven’t developed tolerance for such crimes despite it’s alarming rise and that’s a sign that there’s still hope for humanity.
      As for santa claus, my dad spent lots of hours every christmas trying to explain that ‘take older sister away’ wasn’t something santa could comply with!


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