listThings used to be simpler back in the days. I’m just 20 but this my generation confuses me so I like to pretend that I have the permission to use slangs like ‘good old days’ and what-not. I’m not talking about sex I just used the above expression in the title because I’m fond of it and also it signifies simplicity but mainly because IT RHYMES!  Recently almost every article starts with a bunch of numbers which is justified if it’s some secret cool spy code or a boring mathematics scholarly articles, but no these articles basically revolve around issues like love, friendship and in general life. 20 ways to get to make your man happy, 23 ways to make him miserable, 16 ways to read your girl’s mind,10 simple steps to know if he/she is the one. I can’t help but feel bewildered. Is it really that simple? Sure 20 steps sounds complicated now but I have been told these categories belong to that special category right along with the Bermuda triangle and the Yeti monster. I’ll be honest, I have read very many articles especially the 15 methods to make yourself happy or 12 steps to stop becoming a grouch because I’m sometimes a miserable toad with or without the help of periods. They told me to stop being a grouch, and to smile continuously but not too much to avoid looking creepy and to laugh everyday. If I had reasons to laugh everyday I guess I wouldn’t have read the article, but Ah! It also advised me to eat chocolate, lots of it when I’m feeling low so I guess all is forgiven. Do these articles work? Don’t listen to me I’m single and likely will remain so for a really long time. (It’s not my fault, my dad is a really really BIG man ok?) but since it’s a free world, at least most parts, I can safely voice my opinion. I would find it a bit unnerving if my best friend uses 14 ways to find your TRUE best friend in the world on me, and maybe a bit pissed if I don’t pass those bulletin points in that list. Relationships, any kind have way more to them than little generalized lists that may be perfect in the utopian world but in this world, it’s the downs, the mistakes that brightens the ups and the solutions. Trust your instinct, and if you are worried that your partner may not be ready for a ‘serious relationship’ if he/she refused your idea of getting a dog together as suggested by number something from number something-th list. Go get a cat, he may be allergic to a dog or is just a douche or something entirely different. Who knows? At least now you have a cat.


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