Once upon a time…

Donkeys bray, cats meow, dogs bark and chickens..err cluck? Either way, this is what’s expected. Now imagine one fine day a donkey wakes up and realises he’s bored of braying and just wants to meow and purr the whole day. His family is appalled. Who wouldn’t be? After all, his mother brayed, his father brayed, his grandmother’s bray was known to shatter ear drums. How can he do this to the family? A family that raised him from the time he wasn’t inside his mother. A family that rejoiced his first hint of a bray, despite it being barely audible.

His little brother’s bray was receiving laurels from all. It seemed that he had inherited his grandmothers vocal cords. There wasn’t one little donkey that wasn’t in awe of his bray. Everyone lauded him. Mother and father were extremely pleased but were distraught at the older brother’s reluctance to do what they deemed as ‘proper and respectable’.

One sunny day, the birds were rattled and scattered about as they heard the all too familiar noise of the breed who created more ruckus than the donkeys. Humans. The humans had decided to eliminate the donkeys inorder to gain some peace without recognizing the actual source of unwanted noise was them themselves. Yet, being humans, they believed actions speak louder than reasoning decided to hunt down the pack. However as they set forth to accomplish their baseless mission they heard a cry that sounded nothing like they had ever heard before. It was a shrill harsh sound that scared them senseless and made them scatter about like the birds they had frightened earlier. If they had listened carefully, they would realise it’s a sound that one gets while mixing a donkeys bray with a cat’s meow. But being humans, they were blessed with the skill to hear but very few could actually listen.

Deep in the woods, the mother and father donkey decided to abandon their useless son for his sounds that threatened to ruin their family name. Little did they know that their son had actually saved their lives instead of bringing shame. Will they ever know? Did the donkey decide to curb his unique desire? Did the humans wipe them all out? I have no idea.

Moral of the story: By being yourself, it can and may cause pain to the ones you love and care about deeply. But don’t ever let that convince you to pretend to be someone you aren’t. Don’t ever forget that somewhere somehow you are doing everyone and especially yourself a favour by just being yourself. Bray,purr or don’t make a noise. It’s all upto you.

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