R.I.P love..

I just got some news that no dog lover ever wants to hear. One of my dogs, chelsea passed away today a few hours back by defending our housekeeper from a cobra. I’m going to do what I always do to make sure I don’t lose it completely. Write about it. She’s the laziest dog that must have existed in this planet. If you throw treats at her and if it misses her ‘ever ready’ mouth by landing 2 cms away from her, she would glance at it continously till we correct our mistake. Wouldn’t move at ALL! I remember when we first got her from our cousins who were relocating and couldn’t afford to keep her but were also unwilling to give her away to complete strangers. We already had two dogs back home, both german shepherds and bringing a basset hound into our little family wasn’t even debated upon. I remember how she would never leave me alone for even a second in the initial days. If I used the washroom, she would plant herself firmly right in front of me. I remember feeling so uncomfortable at first having to urinate and bathe in front of this curious little thing. I swear I could see her making expressions while I was emptying the previous nights dinner into the commode and found myself justifying it to her. She was never placated. I would give anything in the world to feel that discomfort again. She was such a foodie too. She would place her entire face along with those drooping ears into her bowl and create an enormous mess. When my other dogs bark at snakes,crows, squirrels or whatever they feel is worth waking up the whole neighbourhood for. She would just walk nonchalantly away from the ruckus. If it didn’t concern her loved ones, it didn’t concern her. She was a hero, and will be one for eternity. I have been lucky enough to not lose anyone close to me till now, so this feeling of having a huge hole in my chest which no amount of tears shed can ever fill, is new to me. It’s horrible and sad. Some must be wondering ‘get over it, it’s just a dog’. Clearly, you have never owned one before. And it’s never just a dog. Her name is chelsea and she was and always will be very much a part of the family. We miss you gorgeous!


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