When endings don’t really end..

I’m not a huge romantic at heart, but if the movie ends in a typical ‘Nicholas Sparks’ way, I’ll hate it. I like cliche endings where the couple kisses in the rain or the dog LIVES happily ever after with the family. Or even when they show characters smiling happily in heaven or getting reunited with their dead loved ones by being dead themselves(if that point wasn’t clear enough). I don’t want to know if prince charming slept around while Cinderella worked her apron off after their marriage. As long as they strut off together and those few words ‘happily ever after’ come on the screen,I’m pacified. This partly maybe due to the reason that I’m a bit of a control freak and I like fixing things especially the ones I have wrecked. I feel helpless every time a character in Game Of Thrones gets killed, so you can imagine how familiar helplessness maybe to me by now. This also applies for book endings. After reading books with -what i feel- incomplete endings, because I refuse to believe that things can end sourly, I write tiny versions of my endings and keep those papers in the book. Yes, I’m a mess but helps me sleep in night. What about you? Can you go to sleep peacefully after crying your heart out or do you want it to end on a positive note?


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