Kick that ball to the skies

I played football today! I was terrible but it was so much fun. I am not really a sporty person, I’m more of the person who sometimes watches an arabic channel for hours since the remote is not within my hand’s reach. Lazy is bit of an understatement. Anyways, I got to score a goal too! And and the BEST part, MY TEAM WON! Granted we outnumbered the other team 3-2 but that doesn’t matter to me, since we WON. I realised today I scored not only in the field(sheer luck) but also in my life. I did something I would usually never ever even go to the extent of dreaming of doing and enjoyed myself thoroughly despite being terrible at it. I rarely go ice skating or bowling since I don’t attempt anything in which there is a chance of embarrassing myself as well as anything that involves change in normal routine. I’m so predictable that nobody calls me at a particular hour because they know that’s when I’ll be answering my ‘nature’s call’. My dad once made a joke that, with me it’s not really about when or if nature calls or not and that my control-freak nature basically makes the call to myself. My dad isn’t really funny despite his claims. I’m losing the plot of this post as usual. The point is, go out there and do something. Score many many goals in life or atleast try to, the feeling you get when you try is incredible! It brings out all those insecurities you have been having and you’ll be able to laugh at your shots and sometimes take pride in them. I got all this from one friendly football match among 2 girls and 4 boys, just imagine what’s out there waiting when we try any of those things that we have put off for ever? If football can teach me, a girl who’s body recoils at the very thought of movement, valuable lessons I wonder what your ‘football’-something you have never really given a shot or is it a throw? would teach you.

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