Fitting into things outside your dressing room

When you listen to a song and end up loving it. Obviously you want to share it to your friend, after all happiness is so much more happier when shared. I just made that quote up if you really couldn’t tell. So, this friend of yours has this non-committal look on his face while the song plays and you are suddenly embarrassed by those lyrics and those screeches by the artist. You end up saying things like ‘Haha, weird this sounded so much better on the radio’ or ‘When I said it’s really great and brings tears to my eyes, I meant it’s tolerable you know’. Why do we do this? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then stay and read and get astonished at us, the poor folk who do this, that just wants to feel accepted. After all, we are humans. It’s probably in our genes to want to fit in unless we really wanted to get teased for being different. It feels so much safer being in a crowd than being the one facing it. It feels so good that we don’t even realise we are destroying tidbits of our personality for the mere purpose of ‘fitting in’. Humans, like vegetables, come in all shapes and sizes. If the creator wanted you to fit in he would have made look-alike robots with the same personality. Instead in this world even twins that look alike have features in their personality that stand out. It’s not worth fitting in anywhere unless it’s a dress. The next time your friend doesn’t appreciate a song, even one sung by Justin Beiber, that you like. Proudly play it and say ‘I love this song’.

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