Types of people I call friends

Friends..ah! They are the ones you are glad to have around you and sometimes you really aren’t..

Here are some of my friends, that I love but with interesting personalities that I obviously HAD TO blog about.

1. The sensitive switch

This woman is really fun to hang out with. Her witty quips will leave you in tears after laughing out so loud. She pokes fun at others and it’s funny but if you ever make the mistake of being at the wrong end of the stick and end up poking her. *BAM* enters the waterworks and what-not..

2.The vegetable dater

Don’t get confused. This one doesn’t have a weird fetish for vegetables,it’s just that the center of her universe is her boyfriend who always makes her cry. Basically she is dating an onion. Now you understand the title. Onions are vegetables right? Or are they like tomatoes that seem like vegetables but are secretly FRUITS, atleast botanically they are considered as fruits. See, you learn a new thing everyday in this blog.

3. The mommy teller

This girl is still in her diapers. It’s wonderful to share a good relationship with your mother. But when your mother is super judgmental about every single thing under the sun, you needn’t let her know when you pooped or how many times your friend did. Boundaries..boundaries.

4. The holy saint

This friend basically pulls a face at all those funny jokes which involves any excretory part. Or even words like ‘sexy’, she goes to the extent of pronouncing it as ‘sesky’ to make it less..err..erotic sounding? I don’t know. Ask her.

5.The SUN

This is similar to the girl that dates an onion but here, the center of the solar system is the GIRL herself. These kind are so talented that they can carry on a fun conversation with them themselves. Some people call them crazy, but hey whatever floats her boat right?

These are just a handful of them but now you can understand why I’m more of a loner that buries my head in books than carry conversations with people my age right? There must be something fundamentally wrong with me because I can’t imagine my life without these messed up souls. How messed up does that make me then?


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