Shut up and listen

I can speak English,Malayalam,Tamil, Hindi more or less fluently. I can read and write Arabic and French too. Despite all this you’d think I would be good at the art of communication. Infact I couldn’t be worse. I know how to speak, it’s the part of listening that’s usually troublesome. I’m pretty sure plenty of you will be familiar with this situation.

X: As I was saying I like you but solely as a sister. You see I have this tiny crush on your sister.

Me: You like ME? WOW! And I thought you liked my sister..hahaha how embarrassing!

That’s what happens when you just listen to the first part of the first line and think the rest of the words aren’t that important to hear.

I try to listen really, but my mind usually starts analysing the first line really really loudly and then by the time you finish your little speech, I’ll have dissected the first and ONLY the first line with absolute perfection. I have the attention span of a 2 year old and it’s all my father’s fault. When my sister used to concoct tales about how my family really found me in an abandoned warehouse because of my terrible odour(both abandoned and found because of that) and I ran and asked my father if that was really true. He said “Some people will speak lots of things that are crap because they are crazy. Don’t get bothered by them, or just cover your ears and sing loudly to drown their voice .” He obviously had no idea how to deal with a 4 year old girl! And the last bit sounds suspiciously like the scene in war of the worlds, where Tom Cruise asks Dakota to do the same. Granted that’s because there was ACTUAL noise he didn’t want to hear, but it’s close enough.  Maybe my head took this piece of..advice? too seriously and has become a narcissist. Or the people I always meet are extremely dull and are those ‘some people’ my sweet father with terrible parenting skills warned me about. Sure, that notion soothes me but is far from the truth. I’m going to give an actual effort to listen. To basically shut up and listen to everything. Go!


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