When classy women travel..

I’m in a bus to visit my sister who lives in another state. The journey takes about 6 hours and I realised that my travel buddy has to be a saint in order to survive.The second I settled into my seat I started sleeping blissfully, falling on and sometimes drooling on the unfortunate soul next to me- I am such a classy woman. Amidst the drooling and the falling, my phone slipped out of my lap and made this really loud ‘THUD’, another weird thing that I do, I somehow got myself convinced that the safest place for my mobile is always, ALWAYS in my hand. This rule is also applied when I’m unconscious. So I wake up all wide-eyed and try to inconspicuously wipe the wet evidence off my mouth which I shouldn’t have even bothered because I’m sure there would have been the good old big patch that would rat me out. Ok enough with the drooling. So I start fidgeting in my seat trying to feel my phone on the floor and since it’s dark I have to basically sweep the bus floor with my hand. I could have asked the adorable guy next to me for help, but I figured he’s already suffered enough sitting next to me. I kept groping his feet over and over again because obviously I was searching only in the areas where I didn’t have to get up and just needed to bend a bit when finally this guy, who was sleeping or staring creepily into space,who knows, since he has  his sunglasses on inside the bus(????) suddenly jerks upright and points his finger at my-you know. Just when I was thinking ‘Why do the cute ones end up being morons?’, I figured out he wasn’t pointing at my privates, he was pointing at my phone which was on my lap, THE WHOLE TIME. Now let’s go back shall we? The ‘thud’ was made by my huge bottle of water which was also on my lap- I keep trying to tell myself that I don’t have superpowers when I’m unconscious, but a girl can dream right? So after all that, I shut my eyes for 15 mins to make myself invisible to the world and especially to the guy next to me. Something my mother does when she messes up. I never realised I do that too! It’s a miracle my family isn’t extinct yet. Anyways I’m blogging right now with utmost difficulty as I don’t know if the guy next to me has his eyes opened or closed or shifted to the right or left. Life is just so complicated, I tell you…

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