Shout out to all you lovely ladies!

My cousin brother is obsessed with garbage trucks. He’s in the second grade, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for his unrequited love. While I drool over Flynn Rider from Tangled, He’s busy asking his mother questions that haunts the intellects of our world:

I can handle it so be honest, are there enough garbage trucks in the world? Really?

What will happen to earth if garbage prevails over trucks?

Would we have to shift to Mars?

Are there chocolates in Mars?

While his mother carefully mulls over, I realised that sustainable fuels or not, without mothers we are all doomed. A huge shout out to all the mothers out there! We know we aren’t easy to handle and yet you do a magnificent job. Β From “How are babies made?” to “How can one type love be ‘right’ and other ‘not so right’?”, How you haven’t tried to drown us in our sleep till now is quite a mystery. Happy Mother’s day to all you lovely ladies! We love you!


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