Undiscovered words of wisdom

We have all been subjected to quotes uttered by famous people and as a daughter, granddaughter, niece I feel it’s my responsibility to take credit for quotes my parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, relatives have used so many times on me that we could almost contest for ownership rights.

“Your father isn’t Ambani(probably Bill Clinton for non-Indians)”

Situation : When you ask for what seems like ‘atrocious’ amounts of money.(New phone, clothes, more love, etc)

“I know what you are doing, I have already crossed your stage to reach where I am”

Situation : When you are acting ‘suspicious’! Listening to music in the loo while accidentally falling asleep for an hour may be interpreted as secret conversations with a non-existing loved one.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to us”

Situation: From failing a class to just falling on your face, anything, just anything is possible if you don’t obey! Explanations like ‘you didn’t study’ or ‘you are clumsy’ are just excuses. It’s ONLY because you didn’t heed to their advices on matters that are not related to the ones who have messed up in.

“Where are the rest of your clothes?”

Situation : If you have a conservative grandmother at home, this might be too familiar. It is not meant as a joke, and so the speaker won’t be too pleased with loud laughter. Trust me.

“I understand that you love him and you want to marry him. I realise that he’s a nice guy from a good family. But marriages only last as long your horoscopes match sweety.”

Situation: self-explanatory. Applicable mainly to Indians who stick to traditions.

These are just a few that is on top of my head! If you have any quotes to share that you believe hasn’t had it’s fair share of laurels, Please do share! 🙂


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