A bitter yet disturbingly comforting rant

This could be me.

This could be me.

A see-saw

That thing is so much fun to ride on, in the playground but to ride it the whole day will just make you nauseous. All that up and all that down. I had a great and an awful day today. It’s the last day of my classes before college is out for summer and I’m headed home tonight for a blissful week! No more professors, no more illness, no more deaths(I’m a medical student). PERFECT! It’s also the day that the cleaning lady-yes, I’m going to call her that because she is EVIL and I don’t really know her name decided to snoop through my stuff to get my iron box confiscated. Now, the thought in every reasonable mind is probably HUH? But you read it right. My hostel truly believes that a 20 year old girl shouldn’t be handling electric items on her own in the pretext of being concerned for my safety while secretly trying to keep their electricity safe from wary hands. This is one of the rules that I have personally never understood and never really followed. The warden has a HUGE television along with that old computer that has a giganormous ‘backside’. You can really hear all the electricity that backside sucks up while connecting to the net. Honestly, My iron box in all it’s glory looks like a mini plastic toy to the Megatron-like computer. I get it, the computer needs all the electricity it can find but you eliminate your competition on OPEN GROUNDS. Not by prying open my cupboards and going through my things when I’m not there. I’m 20 years old for Pete’s sake not 2! All good that argument got me, I have to pay a meagre fine and the “object under scrutiny” will remain so until dinosaurs take over the world..or something. I didn’t really pay attention. So today I decided I’m done living in hostels where smoothening the wrinkles off your clothes is treated like a crime, where personal space is just a myth. I’m going to move in a rented flat soon, with a bunch of other exhausted souls to do a lot of ‘wild stuffs’ that kids our age do. Yes, ironing clothes included. Oh and to the dear cleaning lady- I’m going to graduate in a couple of years, and If I end up being a gynecologist and you ever have the misfortune to pay a visit, I’ll show you why prying open things that don’t belong to you is truly violating! Looking forward to it! Have a grand weekend you all!

10 thoughts on “A bitter yet disturbingly comforting rant

  1. Evil cleaning lady! Great Character for a book or comic strip. Personal space is a myth- especially once you’re married and/or have kids. Even potty time, is not your own. As soon as the door is shut – “Hey mom… can I… I need…my brother/sister did this…” 5 minutes please.

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