A doorbell to every house

In my childhood, We used to leave the door unlocked almost everytime.  Even if a guest comes in unannounced, He usually steps into the house and calls out our names loudly. Today when we retire to bed, We have two huge german shepherds that don’t take kindly to strangers and doors that seem menacing rather than inviting with so many bolts that you may think we are hiding the holy grail. We struggle enough with hindu rituals so that’s really what’s happening. We didn’t discover any treasure, We are financially more or less the same as we started out. Then what changed?  We don’t trust anything or anyone now, And we can’t be called paranoid because as unfortunate as it seems we have good reasons to lock up. On the outside and the inside. We lock ourselves up because we know too well that there is someone somewhere that wants to take advantage of us. But by doing so we keep good innocent people out too. So the solution? We already have it. A filter system. Try to be inviting to the good souls and menacing to the rest. Get a doorbell. Both to your house and to your conscience. Make sure you don’t block the way for deserving while being on guard.

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