I was taking a break from splashing around in my friend’s pool at her farm house and was sitting at the edge of the pool with my legs dipped in when I noticed my wrinkly wet hands. And I started to reminsce about my grandfather.

Most movies depict grandparents as angels. They bake cookies and play with their grandchildren the whole day. Things are a bit different at my place. There was a phase where my grandfather,being an overly religious man he is, actually believed I was haunted by a spirit which was making me say things that a normal girl my age shouldn’t be saying. Long story short the sexist mind of his couldn’t comprehend a girl’s free will and so figured it’s the work of unseen forces. Ah family!
Speaking about grandfathers, my dad is going to be one in a couple of months and that big old softie is already going on about how he wont switch watching his hourly news to cartoons even to soothe the little one. Which he totally will. He may be menacing at 6’1 and all that flabs that make him look like a wrestler but my nephew/niece will be smothered with unconditional love for sure.

Ofcourse he/she’ll be spoilt rotten by his/her aunt too. I’m going to be aunt soon. I’m still processing it so I’ll probably be repeating it a dozen more times. I can’t even picture my sister who spent most of her childhood convincing me that the only reason I grew up with her was because dad mistook my cry for a puppy’s whine and picked me up from the sewer where it was too dark to realise his folly, is going to be a mother. I have to admit I’m looking forward for concocting my own stories for the child. I didn’t know if 20 year olds are allowed to use this much-abused phrase but where does the time go? It’s just a matter of time when these wet wrinkles stay long after my hands are fully dried. I just wish in my memories that I’ll have, I would have managed to smoothen most of those little wrinkles I’ll face in life.

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