Aww poor Robin!

My grandmother always used to warn me when I would make babies laugh continuously, no not the ‘boys don’t like funny girls, we can’t put funny in the matrimony site as a talent so quit it’ but instead told me that if someone laughs too much, they are bound to cry that much later. Which I found extremely weird. Then I realised I advocate this thought in different ways.

When there is something super exciting that’s bound to happen in a few days, I try but fail miserably to not talk about it continuously so as to not jinx it. We prefer ‘break a leg’ to ‘all the best’ most of the time. We are so paranoid that if we get too excited about something, it could get taken away from us. I’m done tiptoe-ing around sheer joy.

As a child, they place dots of kaajal all over our face to ward off evil thoughts by people. There are rituals to cleanse negative thoughts of others that affect us in hinduism. We are scared that someone envious of our fate would just burst our little bubble and so we do everything to not provoke them. By provoking I mean by expressing our emotions out loud. I can’t say I believe in all that. I feel that extreme happiness though precious can or cannot be flaunted, but it’s up to the person experiencing it. Don’t hide your excitement out of fear that someone might grab it, instead be secure in yourself and your emotions. Let it out, no one can take anything away from you if your grip is firm and if it truly belongs to you.



9 thoughts on “Jinx

  1. Though what you say is true – if we deserve it, we’re very well gonna get it – I do believe moderation is key. 😛
    Again, “fear.” The thing won’t leave us alone!

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