My mom is big on saving little things. From the first gift my dad gave her(a yellow coloured disfigured monkey shaped stuff toy, this is why I’m not keen on arranged marriages) to my current blog posts, she feels every little thing is precious. So it’s really no surprise that I stumbled upon a bunch of memories, some fond and some really horrifying when I was snooping around during my vacations. I will be only posting pictures in which I resemble a human being and not like the girl with the giganormous dinosaur teeth(THANK GOD for braces) with huge rainbow coloured glasses that I really was.


The Adam's family *clicks fingers* I'm the tiny one with the constipated face.

This is one of my first ‘original’ poems. I should really get it published instead of letting you all see it for free but I have a huge heart, so here it is.
The first few lines, my mom wrote while I was dancing and singing because she found it adorable and proud that I was singing my own song (After reading it, I realised that unconditional love sometimes makes you delusional)and the last few were written in a font so it’s visible to all the penguins in the south, is written by yours truly at 4 years.
Incase the picture isn’t clear, this is what it says :


(my mother wrote exactly what she heard, so to all the Grammar experts over there, I was 4 but go ahead IT’S YOUR DAY TO SHOWCASE YOUR annoying TALENT. )
One day, a chick is there
It’s 1 year old[it’s so relevant]
If you beat the small chick(3)-[she even marked that you have to sing this line 3 times, my poor poor mother]
And the chick dies, the father will beat you[???????]
And you will go far[I have to admit this isn’t as bad as the upcoming verses]

If you beat the kitten(3)
The cat will beat you
If you beat the puppy(3)
The dog will beat you[you didn’t see that coming, did you?]

If you beat the DUCKING[yup, ducking], the DUCKING, the DUCKING
If you beat the DUCKING
The duck will beat you

It pains me that I, myself must accept full responsibility to this masterpiece that my mom has saved after all these years. My mom claims that, that was the day she knew her little daughter was really creative. In my defense, my entire family(including myself) figures creativity includes drawing different types of stick figures. I mean look at this.


My sister's masterpiece

Can you blame my poor mother to have a misplaced hope in her second daughter? 😉

P.S If WordPress somehow bans my blog for using the ‘poetry’ tag in this blog, I just want to say I love each and everyone of you. 😀


9 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hahaha! I actually clicked on the photograph to be able to read what you wrote. The typed version is so much easier, though. 😛 And, oh what a logic-filled poem! It definitely serves as a great reminder. 😀

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