Got my running shoes ready


This is probably how I would look if I EVER ran.

The weather is too hot. I have too many tests this week. I miss my mom who is settled in another country. My roommate is leaving tomorrow, not on the best of terms. My period is a week early. So I did what every self-respecting independent 20 year old woman who was losing her mind would do – I called my dad. I told him that my brain was saturated and that I wanted to bury myself and I asked him if he would be able to survive in this big bad world without his favourite daughter (even though he denies it with a passion, I KNOW). As much as he was tempted to say otherwise, he said he needed me as good entertainment was reduced to watching hot doctors strut around in their labcoats on tv which he claims he hates. He also told me that tests weren’t important as long as I have an interest in learning something practical each day. He then reminded me that I was a grown fiercely strong woman just before he gave the phone to my mom who was cooing to me to soothe my period pain.


So I’m under strict orders to bunk a test tomorrow, miss college and instead watch a movie to get my head together. If everything was just that simple eh? Luckily, for me right now it happens to be just that simple. Yes,yes it isn’t right and I should instead face my troubles head on. Maybe another time. As of now, I have my running shoes and I’m running all right. In the opposite direction. How do you give yourself a break when the sky comes crashing down in your world?

12 thoughts on “Got my running shoes ready

  1. Classic. Hmmm, let’s explore some stress relievers. Take your shoes and throw them as hard as you can at the wall? That doesn’t hurt anyone. Turn the music on loudly, turn the shower on hot to help with cramps and sing really loudly so that your voice echoes? Go out to an empty field and scream really loudly until you’re hoarse? …oh, forgot about that whole period thing… can’t require effort. Watch a romantic comedy (on Netflix or disc) and ball -your-eyes out… That’s always a stress reliever for me. Good luck.

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