Too fast, too soon

My close friend lost his classmate to a road accident today morning. I didn’t know the victim too well, but I have seen him in my school days roaming about in the hallways. It still gets to me, you know that if he had just worn a helmet ,his family would still be nagging him to do well in college and his friends wouldn’t be beating themselves up about all those unsaid things, all those petty fights, everything. Unfortunately all those ‘what if’s won’t change the scenario.
A simple piece of headgear could have easily saved his life. All those ads we endure with terrible punch lines like “If you don’t wear a hel-met you will meet ‘hell'” don’t seem that hilarious or lame any more. I wonder if he would have abused the gear had he known that he was just accelerating his life and soon that would just pass as a blur. Too fast, too soon?

I’m sorry if this post sounds like those public announcements none of us pay attention to because it’s mundane and boring. I didn’t know the guy all that well personally but it’s still scares me when I realise that I’ll never ever bump into him at some random street or any hallways ever again. Atleast not anytime soon.
Drive safe, you lovely people!


13 thoughts on “Too fast, too soon

    • Thank you! I didn’t even know him that well and I’m spooked. I always figured all those I know and love will live a long, healthy life and we’ll all eventually die-together. This terrible news just made me want to grab all those reckless people I love and lock them up in a room to ensure their safety. Obviously, that wouldn’t be quite practical…

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  1. I know a couple of lads just completing their college and guess what I hear this most of the times. All of them are bike crashes without a helmet. Especially Duke 390 which happens to be a monster of a motorbike.

    Please tell your friends to wear a helmet at least even if they are going to buy milk from the grocery shop. I am sick and tired of hearing about these kids being so careless about their life.

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    • I just googled Duke 390 and it’s a miracle that adolescents are still not extinct! My friends call me ‘mommy’ because even if they are riding a cycle, I’ll probably be smothering them with shin guards, helmets, all that. While riding that Duke thing,(yes I actually did say duke thing) I don’t think even a space suit would suffice as protection.

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