Leave it out and they will TAKE it

There is a certain charm in little things. The saying ‘great things come in small packages’ is applicable to many things- like Tyrion Lannister. He is so amazing and that was incredibly rude! But I love that man to bits, so I hope it makes up for that insensitive remark. As always I have drifted apart. There is this tiny annoying prick that I can’t help but bump into at every corner. And you thought only your ex  possessed that superpower. No, so do ANTS!


Look at it!

I have never really liked ants. On second thought, I have never bothered to have an opinion on ants. My gigantic stature convinced my brain that they were insignificant petty creatures. Ego, once again has proven that it’s silly notions are almost never accurate.
So I come back to my room after another exhausting (anything that involves movement is exhausting for me) day to find my bread packet thoroughly abused. I tried my best to keep it safe from leering little eyes that don’t miss anything by firmly bounding it with several  rubber bands. But now it has this HUGE hole in it. This is why they say, you can’t always protect the ones you love. Granted it’s an advice to over-protective parents but I figured it’s applicable here too. Apparently ANTS CAN EAT THROUGH PLASTIC. Atleast the ones over here can! Or maybe I’m just assuming false things..NO, I’m sure they did that.  You’d think those selfish little chewers would help prevent overload of waste and with global warming and all that with their power. But no, they instead prefer to use it to drill a hole in my bread packet, give access to all the other hogs they always travel with and then continue drilling into my favourite baked soft yet crunchy bread loaves that I had to travel miles many steps to get! 


I’m telling you, it’s not dinosaurs or Big-foot that we should be worried about. It’s these little monsters! It may seem funny now, but when you see them devouring your arm one day just because you left it out unarmed in the open within their reach you WILL think of me. Or maybe scream and collapse out of pain or shock instead. This is why I should never write a post after watching Game of Thrones- it’s meddles with my head and makes me visualise gory images. Bleh!

29 thoughts on “Leave it out and they will TAKE it

      • Maybe they have their own blood bank collection where they store Human blood in various containers. The variety can range from Sweet to Sour and light red to deep red. I am imanigining too much 😛

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      • Damn it! You just stumbled upon some really precious information. How did I miss that?! I suggest you shut the blinds and dip yourself in odomos when you retire to bed tonight, I don’t think their clan is going to be very happy with this development. And there’s no thing as imagining too much on the blogosphere or atleast on this blog 😉

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  1. Ha ha I loved this! I hate ants too, ever since they decided to march up my leg and investigate my shorts and undies one day when I was watching my mum and brother play tennis. I literally had ants in my pants! I’ve been suspicious of the little bastards ever since!

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    • Hahah, I really shouldn’t be laughing but I can’t help imagining that scenario. Luckily my granddad wasn’t around, he would have yelled ‘Hey lady! There’s no classy way to act when you have a wedgie. So just get on with it already!’ from across the field and made sure everyone in the vicinity heard him.


      • Pretty sure I’d have laughed too if it happened to anyone other than me. Your grandad sounds like a real gem, fun to hang around with so long as he’s pointing out other people’s wedgies!

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  2. When I hear you describing ants that eat through plastic, I can’t help but think of myself when I am hungry. I am not opposed to eating another girls bread, especially if it is good bread, and especially if it is accompanied by impossibly delicious French butter 😉

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  3. Just what happened to me too today, damn those little things. I woke up with a rude shock right in the midst of my heavenly nap to find huge bite bumps on my arms and back 3 in total from those damn things!
    I hate hate hate red ants! Why on earth can’t they just eat food!!
    The black ones are waaaay better!

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  4. Hahaha! Mighty creatures, indeed. 😛 Amazing how something so little can affect us so much. And there I go, underestimating them. But, really, who in their lifetime hasn’t been irritated at least once by ants?

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