Mini rants to make your day

Lately I have been ranting about ants, roommates, periods..all completely reasonable things, in my opinion but now I have decided to take another step forward and torture you all by talking about myself. You are welcome.

Here’s a list of a few things that I can rant about all day.

1. Cotton Candy:

I literally can’t stomach this. Watching people eat cotton candy is my version of hell. Especially when they pluck a giganormous fluffy piece and stuff it in their mouths. When I hear the slight crunch, it makes me nauseous.

2. Turtlenecks


That's probably how I'll end up

I like my neck bare. I can’t even tie a scarf without constantly tugging it and in the end , I end up strangling myself. Everytime. Turtlenecks are just like scarves except you can’t loosen it whenever you want. It tickles me at first, and then I get really really frustrated.

3. White coats


Ok, this is exaggerating a wee-bit

They(I’m not sure who but anyways) know medical students are going to deal with blood and more importantly goat piss (biochemistry). They could have gone with black, or red but no-no let’s pick WHITE that way when a clumsy oaf spills goat urine all over the coat, the stain will serve as a lesson for a VERY long time until he/she gets a new one and drops something more exotic on that too and then decide goat urine’s stain is definitely better than that and continue using the old one. Not that it’s happened to me or anything….

4. Table fans

I have this horrible fascination with the blades going round and round and know? I always try to stop the blades with my little finger. Why, you ask? My theory is that my brain gets exhausted just by watching any sort of movement and so in some twisted way, my body probably thinks it’s doing that out of self-defense. Those blades won’t chop my finger off or anything,it’s all noise and no action much like some people in our lives.

These are just a few things off the top of my head. I can assure you that there are many many things that’s out there to get me. Maybe another time 😉


28 thoughts on “Mini rants to make your day

  1. I totally can’t agree on the cotton candy thing, as I’ll eat it till I’m pre-diabetic, but the turtleneck thing? PREACH, girl! Turtlenecks are the worst, worst, worst. I run hot, so turtlenecks are the equivalent of hell in my mind.

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  2. Okay, I get the turtle necks for sure. I have a few and they are never pleasant to wear. Never got cotton candy! I mean it’s just sticky sugar, right? But don’t ask my kids what they think! White coats? Yeah, really! You know who else wears all white? The barristas at Starbucks. I bet they spend their whole $10 per hour on dry cleaning. But the fans? Well that’s just crazy! Ha, ha!

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    • Hahah, don’t ask my dad about cotton candy. He is obsessed with IT. He’s diabetic and he always tells to those who listen that he truly understands Adam’s situation. With the whole ‘one bite of the juicy apple and BAM impending doom’ part. I would take coffee stains over urine ones any DAY, I hope the barristas know how lucky they are. About the fans, it’s an undiagnosed disease. You shouldn’t tease! 😉


      • Yes, I think diabetics are just out of luck when it comes to cotton candy. As far as I know, it’s just all spun sugar. The next time I go to a Starbucks, I’ll be sure to go into great detail to let them know just how lucky they are. As for the fans, so sorry about this sensitive issue. Perhaps we should start a fundraiser??

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      • That’s a great idea! 😀 We may be challenged by some claiming it’s just classic case of immaturity but we’ll stay firmly rooted to my beliefs. 😉


  3. I’m in love with cotton candy! Little clouds of sugar they are! 😀
    Turtlenecks-hate them, anything that covers my neck gives me the choking feeling.. Table fan – irrational fear? Check! 😀
    Aap doctor ho? :O

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    • Clouds of sugar sounds pretty but it still makes me nauseous! I’m a medical student, I have about 3 and half more years to complete my undergraduate level. 😀 Aand I must warn you,being a stereotypical South Indian who has just recently moved to India, my hindi is extremely rusty. I’ll probably start saying ‘ayyo’ when you start using the bigger scarier looking words. But so far, so good 😉

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      • Haha 😀 i love the ayyo! 😛
        Btw i used up all my stalking prowess on you today and if i may, i completely absolutely love and adore you. Your posts are quirky, fun, casual, and just you! 🙂

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      • Ah, no wonder. Warning bells were going off in my brain today. Thank God it was you! 😉 Thaank you so much! I do blog incessantly about poo, are you sure you stalked the right person? 😉 Either way, I adore you too and I love the way your words always manage to strike the right chords! 🙂 And you have the other half of my locket, how can I NOT love you?

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      • Haha 😀 And about your hostel worries, I started laughing so loud while reading your posts and wanted to end up liking all of them, but that would really freak you out 😛

        I write general bs 😀

        Arre haan! Hum toh woh bichde (separated) twins hai na? :O

        You are a medico, any derek shepherds you have met? ❤ *makes googly eyes* 😛 I call dibs though 😀

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      • Hahah! You can take them ALL! Everyone cute is completely overworked since it’s a government hospital and annoyed because the pay..well sucks! All that inner satisfaction for helping the poor unfortunately makes you pretty grumpy and doesn’t help to pay your bills. And they don’t make eye contact since they’ll probably be reading whatever they can in their spare time which includes lunch, tea break, etc. So much of fun 😉
        By the way, I nominated you for a challenge 😀 Can you imagine a paragraph about SRK or Derek without using adjectives? Gah!

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      • Ayyo, now that is sad 😦
        Btw did I ever tell you about my irrational fear of doctors, hospitals and blood?
        And the irony being that I wanted to become a doctor for the longest time but had to drop it since picturing myself dealing with blood and gore was something that I never had the guts to do…

        Haha 😀 Yes ma’am, challenge accepted, next post though 😛

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      • I can stomach blood spurting in the middle of a surgery I’m observing, amputations, all that. But when it comes to the eye….! I can’t stand it when someone retracts the lids to put eyedrops. To makes things interesting, I’m posted at the opthal department for a month. I’ll choose blood and gore anyday over playing around with big squishy fluid filled eyeballs. Bleh!
        I look forward to your post 😉

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      • I used to be completely terrified of even putting eyedrops, there came one fine day when I was having this eye problem where it would start flickering crazy because of some increased stress nonsense and I had to use that refresh ice-drops as often as I could. Midway class and office since I couldn’t find someone to do it for me, I finally (wo)maned up and overcame my fear, same for those bloody kajal marks that invariably stain my eyes 😦

        Moral being that try it on yourself, eyedrops and all and maybe it won’t be so dreadful…

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      • I would have gorged my eyes out by accident if I were you. Atleast I believe I would have done that. My brain is too messed up and ever ready to project images to scare me off if I even think of trying to be brave. One day..maybe..not likely..yeah right..but HEY one of these days I’ll overcome the fear! I’m not holding my breath until then though.

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  4. You know what’s strange… I have those same exact issues:
    1) My mom said I was the weirdest kid because I didn’t like Cotton Candy… well, it was too sticky… and you couldn’t lick the stick away…then anything you touched (all day) after eating said candy, whatever dirt existed is now stuck on your fingers forever… Even after washing hands 15 minutes later in the bathroom. The stickiness never seemed to leave. When at Disneyland, I much preferred the frozen chocolate banana.

    2) I think I’ve owned (2) Turtle necks in my life and I only wore them a couple of times because they feel like they are choking me. Also, too dang HOT and thick. Can’t move.

    3) I’ve always wonder “Why” white coats? Still, why?

    4) As kids, my cousins would always stop the fan blades with their hands (on the small fans)- those bigger ones- not such a good idea. We did sit in front of those and go “ahhhhhhhhh” and make lots of strange voice noises.

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  5. I’m sorry but I love cotton candy. It brings back good memories for me – no matter how sticky I get. It’s stuck on me!
    As for wooly, prickly, rabbit hair turtlenecks… sure they’re warm but I’d choose them wisely.

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    •’s sticky and icky! Gah! Who am I kidding? It’s a lost cause. No matter what it does-sticks to everything,makes a complete mess- some people just won’t stop loving it. Wow, I just realised I’m THE cotton candy of my family! My poor mother.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! 😀

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