Little miss sunshine


You don't want to know what I'm thinking

It’s official. I’m a grump. My moods have decided to have a go at the see-saw and their fun is making me a health hazard to the people I’m around. Every little annoying thing is being magnified beyond proportions by my current state of mind thus rendering me helpless.

My close friend turned nemesis apologized profusely while my friend is turning into my nemesis, slowly but surely. I managed to scrape myself through a brutal exam by not losing sight of the spark at the end of the tunnel which soothed me that I’ll be home before I know it. So much for that conniving little piece of shiny crap, I’m not going home this week either as my pregnant sister needs all the rest she can get. Overseeing her husband pick me up from the station apparently counts as work-who knew? My mother and I haven’t been on speaking terms this whole week and my poor dad has been trying to take up that role so as to not make me feel alienated. Conversations with him are great but it’s like reciting the last verse of the bible and he has no idea who Jesus really is- only my mom knows each and everything happening in my life so it’s easier to share details without having to introduce each character and explain every scenario. The pile of clothes that needs to be washed under my bed scare me everyday. A mountain lion could be sleeping in between them and I wouldn’t know. Jurassic World was so predictable that it was painful except for Chris Pratt, although the dinosaurs still managed to give my guy friend little mini orgasms as they devoured heads and splattered blood all over the screen-basically just did their thing. The heat is driving me insane. There was a pathetic little drizzle a few minutes back and I’m sure my grandfather was able to pee more water even with his enlarged benign prostrate gland. Hospital postings is making me lose what remaining compassion I have by prompting me to exclaim loudly in excitement at the sight of rare painful diseases with lousy prognosis. I just realised I have been calling both the colours violet and purple as purple which is supposed to be my favourite colour. After binging on Supernatural, the tv series, I have been having nightmares at around 4 am everyday and it doesn’t help when I scream Sam’s name for protection to the delight of every blissfully snoring soul in the hostel. I read somewhere that the production of Nutella will be halted from this year as competiting companies are releasing similiar items and asking for half the price. I can’t..I can’t even.

22 thoughts on “Little miss sunshine

  1. I don’t wish to laugh at your misfortune, but you are so adorably grumpy, it just makes me want to hug you, but I would probably get bit. I hate when things seem so shitty, that even the little things, like realizing you have been calling your favorite color by the wrong name, seem horrible. Keep your head up 😊😘

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    • Hahahh! It’s not our fault that we are just so much fun to be with! 😛 In my defense, no one ever told me that violet and purple weren’t the same. I just thought it’s got two names because it’s pretty.

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