Submissive brains

Hectic schedules have provided no inspiration to me this week! So here’s a blast from the past of various other instances where my brain has failed me…


brainsSometimes my brain finds it difficult to implement its superiority over my tongue, hands and basically every other part.  I recently realized it’s not just MY brain, but many other brains too. So next time you want to drill someone back into the earth’s crust, just give this thought a moment-maybe their brains authority isn’t taken seriously in their bodies too.

Here’s why I think my head isn’t given the crown:

  • Refusing things

Some other nut : Would you mind writing my assignment this week also? I have this terrible migraine and I just know that it’s going to get worse during the weekend.

Brain : WHAT?! Again? No, say NO WOMAN. Migraines can’t be predicted. COME ON.

Heart: Never hurt anyone. Even liars.

Tongue: Yeah sure, I hope you feel well soon.

  • Crushes

Brain:  He used to date your sister. Your friends call him uncle behind his back. He…

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3 thoughts on “Submissive brains

  1. Let me repeat the words I told my friend yesterday, “I know what my heart wants and I also know what my head wants. But if I let my head over rule my head, you won’t like to hear from me and if I speak my heart, my mind will tell me otherwise.” 😛

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