Why, Mark WHY?

That horrifying moment when you realise that your fat thumb has somehow managed to accidentally press “like” on a post dated a couple of years back when you were decently stalking someone on a social platform. Then your brain convinces you to unlike it quickly. Seconds after doing that, your brain informs you that a notification must have already been sent to the person and now it will seem a bit fishy that you ‘unliked’ it. So you quickly re-like the post. Your brain says..-you know what, who am I kidding with all the ‘you’s?

Moral of the story : Don’t THINK about anything AFTER it’s done. It’s pointless, annoying and you will want to bury your head underground. Which isn’t advisable unless you can pass as an ostrich. Who would have thought there was more to Facebook than just satiating our meaningless fling with curiosity? Mark Zuckerberg, today you taught me to move ahead and to not dwell on my silly previous actions that I regret.

Wait a minute..a notification? It’s from the person I stalked!!!!!!!

I hate Facebook.

25 thoughts on “Why, Mark WHY?

    • Way too easy. They should have this pop-up feature following each click – “Are you absolutely sure you would like to press that?”. If I wanted to exit a loud game quickly in class, those apps ask me a gazillion questions “Are you sure? Really? Think about it. REALLY?” and the ‘funky music’ always provides me glares from the tutor that has entered.


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