Grow up, seriously

To the man behind the counter :

I don’t get it. How is that you could remain casual and professional while charging for a chocolate flavoured condom to the man infront of me but fluster and fumble when I ask for sanitary napkins? And what’s with the whole ‘wrapping the sanitary napkins pack with newspaper’ before putting it in a plastic cover? I don’t remember seeing any additional wrapping for the condom previously purchasedย  It’s not fragile or anything, Ooooohh! I get it. You are not protecting the pads but instead trying to save me from embarrassment from having to carry it around in public. That’s sweet but I’m not embarrassed to admit that I bleed. So should you if you think sanitary napkins deserve to be hidden. I’m a woman, for crying out loud. Don’t get fooled by the flat chest- a late bloomer,but a woman nonetheless. You can stare at me mortified for as long as you want but I meant what I said when I asked you to remove the newspaper wrapping.

To my grandmother :

I’m on my periods. I didn’t swim in a river filled with vomit, crap and garbage. So I’m sure you understand why I choose to ignore you when you tell me to not visit the temple when I’m on my periods since I’m ‘impure‘. I’m sure God understands.

And also, I’ll touch the freaking pickle if I want to, during my periods even though I dont like pickles just to show you that I can. And I will.

In my 20 years I haven’t understood the whole hype behind periods. Mood swings, cramps..those I get. The shame, the utter joy- these extremes I don’t.

Our culture celebrates and degrades periods. India, being India can’t make up it’s mind on anything. Do we support it or are we against it? Bah! Let’s just ban it. Oh we can’t? Then let’s not saying anything about the subject, because that will definitely make the issue go away. *slow applause*

The first period is seen as a huge accomplishment and family settled all around the world come to offer gifts and congratulate the girl. It’s so awkward since it’s not like we toiled day and night for this ‘reward‘. I was a stubborn girl who promised my parents that I would definitely run away from home if we had a celebration of any sort owing to the blood that the then-me equated to regular bouts of diarrhoea that can’t be helped. I’m afraid this didn’t stop my mom from calling up EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING she knew or had met just once to tell them that I have become a woman. Become a woman? What does that even MEAN? I don’t really agree that periods alone make you a woman. We all have so many precious traits that defines us that I find it insulting when someone insinuates that a girl becomes a woman after her first period. If we are doing that, we might as well start giving minimum breast sizes that confers you the status of being a woman. (I’m so screwed but so is my dad) I don’t usually dwell on periods but today that man behind the counter managed to convince me to write one.

From the bottom of my heart I ask all of you that cringe at the sight of condoms and pads(unless they are used ones..then ewwwww cringe away!) to grow up. Maybe I can convince my parents to throw you a ‘ Has become a man/woman’ party that they weren’t allowed to throw for me after you manage to do so.


This is an example of the party that my parents would NEVER THROW to celebrate your entry into adulthood. Or whatever.

33 thoughts on “Grow up, seriously

      • I don’t find it embarrassing to walk around with my pads in my hand. Every woman uses them. Well. I don’t really use them much but still. I think running around with toilet paper stuck on your shoe is more embarrassing. ๐Ÿ˜›

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      • Hahah! It definitely is but the use of bum guns(I really should use the word health faucet but this is so much more expressive) overrides toilet paper here. Which is probably why the man behind the counter still wraps the sanitary napkins pack like a time bomb that would set off.

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      • Noo! He wrapped it up in a newspaper and then put it in a plastic bag. Apparently this is what small time shopkeepers always do over here when they sell pads. So that strangers on the road don’t see your purchase. :$ So weird.

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  1. Oh. Damn! This is one of the most relatable posts I’ve read today.
    I still don’t get what exactly is the deal with those shopkeepers. Like, they’re dealing drugs or something. -_-
    But, I did visit the temple (although I’m not that religious) and had a head bath on the first three days of my period, when I was living with my grandma. I think she nearly had a heart-attack.
    I thank my lucky stars that my parents are not like that!

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    • Thaank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ It took me a moment to realise what the shopkeeper was doing with all the newspaper. I was wondering if there was some offer or something, yearly subscription for a pack of pads.
      My grandmother is convinced that I’m going to hell. She’s given up all her hopes and she said that she’ll pray for my soul or whatever that’s remaining. All this because I insisted on attending school and not taking the week off when I first got my periods.
      I know! I’m glad too thar my parents think with their heads, most of the time atleast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. All that I can say is what our country is, it is. There is no way to inculcate any sense into it. But we the future generation can chose to be better than what it is today and make it better for those who follow us.

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  3. It is totally a cultural thing. I live in a family of all women, its no big deal with us, and thats the way it should be. Your period is just a sign that you are a woman and that everything is working properly (one should only be worried if they are NOT getting their period). Touch pickles. You can buy those teeny tiny ones and stick them up your nostrils. Im sure your granny will love that LOL.

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    • Hahah! She’s bound to be ecstatic! The men don’t seem to make it a big deal in our family, it’s the women that create all the fuss which is why the first time I got mine, I remember texting my dad “Listen don’t tell MOM but I think I got my periods or maybe hemorrhoids. To be on the safer side sneak some pads to my room without mom seeing.” That plan wasn’t as brilliantly thought out as I had hoped it was.

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  4. Mindblowing.. Bravo..
    Guess you’ll freak if you visit small towns for the practises more both in public and at homes. Instead of taking care in the weak time they restricts mingling even in emergencies.. #sic

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  5. Man I would love to be banished fir 5 to 7 days for cycle I would be packed and ready to go lol I hate facing the world lol when creeps upon me the older it gets the worse it gets and after kids ugh and then a tubal you shouldn’t even have them if your fixed dang it lol

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    • Hahah! I can relate! The only time my periods decide to be silent is when they come without a warning and I’m wearing my favourite jeans. If I’m prepared for it, they just come tearing the whole ‘layer’ down ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. a funny incident comes to mind…since on the topic. I was at a supermarket buying stuff when I reached the shelves where the sanitary pads were kept and I stopped, thinking of what I needed to buy next…caught in a zone where I was thinking, not realizing I was standing in front of those shelves. 2 girls were circling around the area…and then finally when they found me not moving…they asked me… Excuse me, we would like to… that’s when I realized where I was ๐Ÿ˜‰ guess they were ashamed to pick it up since I was there. I smiled, said sorry and left. Met them at the billing counter later ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hahah! So, so silly! My cousin sister would nervously fidget about if it there was only a male cashier and she was buying sanitary napkins. To prove a point, I dragged her to that kind cashier, gave him the pads and asked him if he thought any less of my cousin because she bleeds! Poor guy was a bit startled at first and then told her that he was a proud father of 3 beautiful girls. I was about 10 when this happened, hence the abrupt rashness while handling situations but it hopefully knocked some common sense into the head of my then 20 year old cousin sister!!

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