I’m at the airport waiting in my gate while I attempt to write a post. I say attempt because my thumbs are frozen. I think the air conditioning in airports are handled by those who grew up with polar bears as their pets. Anyways, enough whining! I’m going home! So YAY! Yes, I’ll be having loads of work to catch up on since I’m leaving smack in the middle of things. Those rants are scheduled for when I return so I’m not going to elaborate on them now.
There is this middle aged woman sitting across me with her two children grabbing her hair for attention. I met her a few hours ago when her husband was furiously waving at an older woman-probably his mom or mistress(who am I to judge?) while she frankly looked a little relieved(who wouldn’t?). There’s this man who looks exhausted and upset. He probably must be leaving home to return to his work overseas like most. Or maybe he’s had a rough session with his mistress that he cleverly placed in a different country and now he’s returning to his wife. Pfft!
A girl is furiously punching into her phone (like me) and hasn’t even seen a really cute guy who is seated right next to her(unlike me, I checked). There’s this uncle – Fun fact : Most indians address complete strangers that are more or less middle aged as either uncle or aunt. Including me. Anyways that uncle is just sitting there now. He was doing something interesting which I forgot while I was explaining the art of addressing people in India. Bleh.

I’m still freezing. I think I have a sweater somewhere in my hand baggage but I can’t seem to recollect if I packed my granny type underwears at the top or not. In my defense, they are so much more comfortable than those flimsy ones that are more in demand. Also, the kids I mentioned earlier are just waiting for an opportunity to harass me. I can already picture them running across the gate with my elastic underwear with printed flowers and toppling over the cute guy and the girl that hasn’t seen him yet. Maybe due to the commotion she’ll look up and they’ll fall in love and then many,many years later, at their wedding they would thank granny panties everywhere for bringing them together.

I told you, granny panties are definitely more romantic than anything else. Maybe I should send an email to Victoria Beckham. Or maybe I’m in desperate need for sleep since it’s around 3:40 am. What do you think?

41 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S GOING HOME

  1. Stressed out at work and with too much already pending and in queue. I took a break to read this. I have to admit, I can’t stop laughing. Granny pants? I would give you Grammy Awards if I could or maybe the Pulitzer. The rest is just TMI. I am not gonna say anything. *silently observes the unfolding* πŸ˜›

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  2. The moral of the story is: everybody has a potential mistress! πŸ˜› LOL

    Love the way you write. Granny panties notwithstanding. But relieve me of this suspense, did the girl notice the cute guy or not???

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  3. God, I hate flying anymore. Very good description of the chaos that is an airport terminal! It’d be a nice story for the future if your underwear actually led to love at first sight. Would you have to be in the wedding party if so? They’d at least have to invite you. The toast, telling how they met and fell in love, would be interesting! Homeward bound! Nothing like it! Safe travels.

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    • It’s India, so the story would have played out a little different. Their parents would have harassed me and would make sure those two are dispatched to different countries. Maybe I’ll meet one of them in a couple of years married to someone else, and he will tell me that he hasn’t gotten over her yet thus adding on to my already piling guilt. Although if their horoscopes match, they’ll be happily married and I may make it to the wedding party after all πŸ˜€
      This is why I must stop watching Bollywood movies – too dramatic.

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  4. Loved the traveller descriptions! Definitely with you on the granny panties, especially when travelling, last thing you want is to constantly be fishing scanty draws out of inappropriate palces whilst squirming about in airline seats.

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    • Hahaha, exactly! Thank you! Already the unfortunate traveller who is stuck next to me has to handle the drooling, the constant battle for the armrest..keeping my granny panties out of his line of vision is probably the least I can do for him/her. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Haha loved the post! Only you could come up with something like the love story because of granny op ants. I’d say it’s definitely worth emailing Victoria beckham haha

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  6. Haha, I love people watching at the airport. My mum and I play a game where you try to find someone to swap lives with but it has to be everything, looks, clothes family. I basically never find anyone which makes you treasure your own situation a little more.

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    • I love it too! Especially when I’m going home. When I’m leaving home, I’ll be in such a rotten mood that everything would annoy me. That’s sounds so much fun! My mother always hyperventilates at airports so she’s no fun!

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  7. Oh My… Mythili! Woman, I have missed reading your posts.

    First of the girl like you, “who hasn’t yet noticed the cute guy next to her…” She’s furiously texting her friend about the cute guy next to her asking if she should talk to him.

    I wonder what that uncle was doing that was so interesting it escapes your mind… and I’m left wondering… I feel I have to make up a story. Also, thanks for the tip… I now understand (in advance) should some stranger call me aunt.

    Granny panties…more people have them than they will admit. They are comfy, I mean look comfy. Nothing reflects romance than those despite their roominess…And, let’s face it… If Victoria Beckham was a sporting a pair, she’d make them appear amazing or would do something amazing to them… they wouldn’t be your average pair of undies, they would be “ready-for-sex” – stretchable so your mate could jump right in with you. See, a new way to market them? Of course, you’d need to look like Vicky.

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    • SAAANNNDDIII! I missed you too! πŸ˜€
      Hahaha, you have amazing marketing skills! I bet you’d find a way to sell those underrated undies even without Victoria’s help. πŸ˜‰ Or “Victoria aunty’s” help to be precise.
      That may be true about the girl. I would have done the exact same thing!
      The mystery uncle was driving my sleep deprived state crazy too but after I landed the only thing I could even think about was my mom’s food! πŸ˜€ I wish I could send some your way along with lots and lots of hugs.
      I’m so glad you are back.

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  8. Jesus you have so much fun and smile hidden in your posts!
    Maybe I should stop going to my psychiatrist and start reading your post, it will heal my depression lol.
    “I think the air conditioning in airports are handled by those who grew up with polar bears as their pets.”
    “A girl is furiously punching into her phone”
    “granny panties”

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