Babies and butt-prints

Lazy Saturdays are the best! That’s a lie actually, lazy any-day is good for me. However I was dragged from the couch strategically placed right in front of the television while indulging in nutella to accompany my pregnant sister to her check-up. I tried to charmingly explain it to my mom why I must stay put and not leave but the “MA I’M 20 YEARS OLD! I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE” won’t be taken seriously if your chin and forehead has nutella stains on it. So that’s why I’m blogging from the hospital and leaving butt-prints at places other than the couch at home. My mom must be so proud.

Anyways, I’m wearing an oversized tshirt and my hair is a complete mess. I dress up ‘appropriately’ to hospitals every day of the week,  so I’m not even trying today. But ooo ooooo the doctor pointed out my little nephew/niece in the scan. The baby seems to be following our tradition of leaving as little as butt-prints possible. Despite the doctors attempts to try to ‘shake things up’ the baby resolutely stayed dormant. I have a feeling I’ll get along well with this one! She showed us his/her thighs, hands, head and the tiny, tiny beats of the heart. In our family, we don’t really hug,kiss or display any sort of emotions excessively. We are very informal with each other, I sometimes call my mom by her first name but we all get uncomfortable with public display. In that room when that little heart was ticking, I thought if this was a movie everyone would have their eyes brimming with tears but we all seemed composed and bored on the outside but I’m sure everyone was flipping out in their own little way inside. My sister, who is the baby of the family despite being 5 years older is having one of her own. I don’t think I’m going to believe it till I hear the incessant wailing!
There was also continuous playful bickering with my brother in law who claims I resemble a homeless person with zero sense of hygiene which is TOTALLY untrue. Granted I look a little messy at all times, but he’s just exaggerating..hopefully. So it was nice when a completely cute stranger who was taller than me(I should have abducted him, ugh!) started a totally random conversation with me in the elevator. Super friendly too but not in that creepy way that I am sometimes.

And to top it off, tomorrow is..yes say it with me..A SUNDAY! From Monday, it’s internal exams, drastic weather, confrontation with a roommate who can’t take a hint..but that’s for another post. As of now, I’m just going to harass my brother in law and turn my eyes away from anything that’s yellow. All these minions everywhere is giving me a headache.

19 thoughts on “Babies and butt-prints

  1. dressed up woman have a certain appeal…and skimpy bikinis too…the latter seem fake usually; all smooth skin, perfect hair, and inviting smile….but a casual, “dressed down” woman is displaying a bravery; a confidence which i find sexy…i admire a strong, brave, and confident woman…she’s often more relaxed and more likely to tell me i’m full of shit (if indeed i am)…not to say i’m flirting or interested…just saying i’m throwed off…**blush** i’m done…

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    • Awww! I wasn’t being brave or anything, I was just lazy! 😉 This may sound weird, but I only feel confident when I’m in my casuals. Whenever I get all dress-y for an event, hair done and all that I feel like the joker in batman minus the amazing acting skills..and the psychopathic tendency to kill people, ofcourse.. which is all in my head! Sane people feel more at ease when they look like humans, me? I personally prefer the sleep deprived zombie look anyday! 😉

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    • Sssshhhh LOWER YOUR VOICE! If my grandmother sees this, she’ll probably emotionally blackmail me into getting married to a stranger and begin making babies before she ‘breathes her last’. She’s been overusing that excuse lately to an extent that I’m beginning to wonder if the Grimm reaper got misdirected while he was on his way…


  2. Would you like to see your baby…
    …uh, sure.

    As they pointed out my son at 5 months, I was like I see a blob of stuff. Right there, you see that.. and they’d draw their finger on the screen to outline.

    Oh yeah, (nooo) I totally lied. I still saw a blob of stuff. One time I asked a 2nd time and they were showed me, and I still didn’t see. I was like, from that point (and with my 2nd child) -oh, yeah. Great! Wonderful. Amazing. I had no clue what was the baby from all the other stuff.

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    • Haha!! We were just ‘ooo-ing’ at random parts of my sister’s uterus that probably didn’t have any traces of the baby. It was like ‘this is the head’ AH, some blob. ‘This- the buttocks’ *polite laughter to cover up the fact that we were completely lost* and after all THAT, my mother looked at me in the eye and said “I think I spotted a tiny thingie between those little thighs, I think it’s a boy”. For all I know it could very we be a baby zebra in there.

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